Modeling by Robert Royes


Tarkus II ,M60A1 1/48 kit bash.Kitech/Monogram

by Robert Royes on December 2, 2016 in Armor -- 7 Comments

Not knowing what was in the Kitech kit ,it was supposed to have reactive armor per the USMC [ it did not] it also was a motorized kit, which made the running gear less accurate than the snaptite kits. I […]

E-2 slides on Saratoga from youtube

by Robert Royes on November 28, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 6 Comments


Another mid week filler -Monogram 1/72 F-15A

by Robert Royes on November 15, 2016 in Aviation -- 6 Comments

I was trying to revive this old kit but fell short, I didn’t get the colors right . The kit represents the prototype with squared off wing tips, of which I rounded off. I used super scale decals of the […]


Mid Week Filler, Airfix Me 262 whatifer

by Robert Royes on November 15, 2016 in Aviation -- 6 Comments

Airfix’s venerable Me 262 in US Navy scheme, did a few year’s back.


Revell 727 Southern Air Transport, 1/144

by Robert Royes on November 10, 2016 in Aviation -- 11 Comments

Revells’ 727 done in the livery of Southern Air Transport airline as a 727C cargo version. They supposedly did air cargo drops out the rear air stairs. I believe they are out of business now, but I do remember seeing […]


Left overs

by Robert Royes on November 4, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 8 Comments

The ultimate Phantom, a Salty sea dog? and a faded April fools day flight schedule.


New hi tech F-4 model

by Robert Royes on October 28, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 14 Comments

This is the latest and greatest hi- tech model of the F-4, a rivet counter’s dream,it’s very accurate, goes together easily, requiring no filling of seams, minimum flash, instruction’s are easy to follow and an excellent decal sheet. highly recommended.

Film of EDO floats on C-47 1942 from factory

by Robert Royes on October 14, 2016 in Uncategorized -- 9 Comments

This might be of interest to all. I found this on you tube while researching my water wings build. The film was made by the grandfather of the person who posted it on you tube,Robert W Martens, although my father […]


Boeing 720, Pan Am ,Revell

by Robert Royes on October 8, 2016 in Aviation -- 19 Comments

What an airliner used to look like, Saved from the shelf of doom, this actually started out as a Revell E-3A AWAC from a 1980’s kit, I had ideas of converting it to a tanker, this was before the current […]



by Robert Royes on October 5, 2016 in Aviation -- 6 Comments

Yes the navy will put floats on anything that flies. Both the floats and F-4 are from older builds, we couldn’t do a what if for the group so….A little ha ha.