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Trumpeter 1/32 Sea Hurricane Ib

by Tom Cleaver on February 21, 2014 in Aviation -- 8 Comments

The Fleet Air Arm suffered throughout the early years of the war for the lack of a carrier-based fighter that had performance sufficient to face the land-based Axis air forces. This was nowhere more apparent than in the Mediterranean, where […]


Montex (now Alley Cat) 1/32 Hawker Fury I

by Tom Cleaver on February 17, 2014 in Aviation -- 8 Comments

This is the 1/32 resin Hawker Fury I, originally released five years ago by Montex. The kit designer now has his own company, Silver Wings. Montex sold their kits a year ago to Alley Cat, where they are now available. […]


Airfix Seafire F.R.47 with Cooper Details upgrade

by Tom Cleaver on February 15, 2014 in Aviation -- 4 Comments

The Seafire F.R.47 was the last of the line that began in 1935 with K5054, the Spitfire prototype. It was twice the weight of the original, with two and a half times the power and an additional 100mph in top […]


Seafire F.45 – Aeroclub conversion of Airfix kit

by Tom Cleaver on February 15, 2014 in Aviation -- 2 Comments

Throughout the development of the carrier-based Sea Spitfire, which was known as the Seafire, developments in the land-based series of fighters were reflected in approximate naval equivalents. The first of the Griffon-powered Seafires was the Mk.XV. The last major evolution […]


Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IXc (early)

by Tom Cleaver on February 13, 2014 in Aviation -- 14 Comments

Had not the RAF been able to bring a new Spitfire into combat in the summer of 1942 to face the Fw-190A that could outfly the Spitfire V on every point but turning circle, the war over Northern Europe would […]


Hobby Boss 1/48 F-84F Thunderstreak

by Tom Cleaver on January 31, 2014 in Aviation -- 16 Comments

Following the introduction of the North American F-86 Sabre with wings swept 35 degrees, Republic determined to update their straight-wing F-84 with a swept wing. A wing with 38.5 degrees of sweep and 5 degrees of anhedral were developed and […]


H-K Models Meteor F.4 EE549 flown by AVM Sir J.M. Robb

by Tom Cleaver on January 22, 2014 in Uncategorized -- 12 Comments

Meteor EE549: The first major change in the Gloster Meteor came with the Meteor F.4, which went into production in 1946, after the first F.4 prototype flew on May 17, 1945. The major change with the F.4 was the use […]


Flashback 1/48 Miles Magister I

by Tom Cleaver on January 20, 2014 in Aviation -- 7 Comments

What became known as the Miles Magister was first flown on March 20, 1937, as the Miles Hawk Trainer III, designed and built in response to the Air Ministry Specification 40/36, which was developed on the basis of experience with […]


Two more photos from Flt Lt Roy French

by Tom Cleaver on January 18, 2014 in Aviation -- 3 Comments

Acording to Roy’s logbook, these were taken on a “fun flight” in September 1953; this would have been just before his return to England. Roy is flying F-86F-1 52-4345, an early narrow-chord/slatted-wing F-86F, while the two he photographed are later […]


1/48 CAC CA-13 Boomerang

by Tom Cleaver on January 11, 2014 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

When Australia became involved in the Pacific War in December 1941, the Royal Australian Air Force was ill-prepared, to say the very least. With Australia’s main combat forces deployed to North Africa and England, it was clear that there was […]