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Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8

By 1947, the Meteor fighter had been in production slightly more than four years, with an airframe that was much the same as the original prototype, other than extensions of the engine nacelles which had been accomplished with the F.Mk.4 […]

Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G-6 (Late) kit

By 1943, it was clear to the Luftwaffe that the lightly armed Bf 109G 2 and G 4 fighter (1 20mm cannon, 2 7.62mm machine guns) was underarmed. In the West, the Jagdgeschwaders were equipped with two Fw 190 Gruppen […]

RIP Robert F. Dorr 1939-2016

Damn! What a month this is! ROBERT F. DORR: SEPTEMBER 11, 1939 – JUNE 13, 2016 There is no writer who ever lived who did not become a writer except through the assistance of those who came before. When I […]

RIP Capt. Dan Bowling (1922-2016)

I was expecting this. On Friday, May 27, my friend Dan Bowling came down with pneumonia and was admitted to the ER. On June 3, he was transferred to a hospice. He passed away this morning (Thursday) at 10 am. […]

RIP Spiros “Steve” Pisanos (1920-2016)

Boy, the hits just keep on coming. I just learned that my friend of 30 years, Colonel Spiros “Steve” Pisanos, died yesterday. It’s a surprise but not really, since he was 96. I remember when I saw him last year, […]

Jerry Rutman 1/32 resin Ta-152H-1

Did this back in 2004. I think the kit is now available through Greymatter Figures. If you’re a real purist and want the Ta-152H-1 done right (like the “twist” in the wing between wing root and wing tip), this is […]

Jerry Rutman 1/32 all-resin Ta-152C-1.

For Those Who Like Their History Straight… The Ta‑152C was the airplane Kurt Tank was thinking of when he told the pilots of III/JG54 that the Fw‑190D‑9 they had just converted onto in September 1944 was “an interim type.” The […]

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IXe

This is actually the “high-back” version of the Spitfire XVI Dual Combo kit, but the difference between a Spitfire IXe and a “high back” XVI is internal, and they can only be distinguished externally by reference to serial number. Dick […]

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire XVI “lowback”

The Spitfire XVI is a Mk. IX airframe with a Packard-built Merlin-266 engine. The type began production in the fall of 1944; however, delivery delays by Packard resulted in the type not becoming operational until late 1944. The “lowback” version, […]

Lockheed Vega “Century of Progress”

Designed in 1927, the Lockheed Vega was the first of the Lockheed “Stars” – Altair, Sirius and Orion – and was the Learjet of its day. Aerodynamically clean and constructed of wood with a fully-cantilever airframe, it was capable of […]