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Midway and Aleutians Remembrance…a tiny contribution

Hi Folks: Here’s a small reminder of the Aleutians campaign, inspired by a Bing Images photo of a long-abandoned Japanese Type 41 75mm mountain gun on Kiska. The kit is a 1/35th offering from Fine Molds.

M4 Sherman (early production)

Hi new month,new model,well almost I have been working on this one for some months, keep digging it out and putting more on or a little more detail,thought I would put it up for show then I may walk away […]

My previous models…

#4: Meng 1/35 T-72B3 #3: Meng 1/35 Abrams M1A2 #2: Meng 1/35 Leopard 2 A7 #1: IBG 1/35 KTO Rosomak #0: Maly Modelarz 1/25 PT-91 Twardy (paper)

Meng 1/35 TS-025 Merkava

Hello everybody, I started model building 1 year ago. This is my 5th model.

1/35 British Light Tank.

Finished this build on the weekend took me 8 days to complete just working at my snail pace,it is a 1/35 scale but its more like building a 1/72 scale its so so TINY,and those springs total madness,the little ones […]

Dragon Panther A in 1:35 (#6358), with Diorama

Some history: This kit #6358 was launched by Dragon in 2007 intended to represent the late Panther A. As usual, DML released this kit based on a long history of Panther kits; The box is packed full of grey styrene, […]

RG-31 Kinetic

Hello gents. After a long period of me trying to sell this kit, decided to build it after all 🙂 The kit as such has its problems(mainly many voids in plastic in the undersurface), but putty can fix it all. […]

1/35 Valentine Tank

Hot off the spray booth this morning,burnt my fingers on the exhaust still that hot.It`s a Bronco model kit,I saw this kit in a mag sometime back,and I like anything with a fuel tank on the outside,it went together quite […]

8 Ton Semi-Track

This is a 1/35 Tamiya build weathered with a worn cabin cover and figures enjoy thanks.

Churchill Crocodile (British flamethrower tank)

I had a great time with this build as it was a tamiya kit and these things almost build them selves ,good for an idiot like me,it must be a lump of a tank as it takes some space on […]