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Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 312b

by Chris Sakowski on March 11, 2013 in Automotive -- 4 Comments

This is the last of my car posts until I get pics of my Batmobile. This is another highly detailed Tamiya 1/12 formula 1 kit built straight from the box. I believe this one is also piloted by Mario Andretti. […]

Tamiya 1/12 Lotus MkIII John Player Special

by Chris Sakowski on March 11, 2013 in Automotive -- 1 Comment

Still going with the automotive kits for a bit..This is Tamiya’s 1/12 Lotus MkIII driven by Mario Andretti in I believe 1974..this kit is built straight from the box. These kits are fantastic but very expensive now.. I think I […]

Revell 1/16 Gene Snow’s Snowman ’72 Charger Funny Car

by Chris Sakowski on March 9, 2013 in Automotive -- 9 Comments

I just love the old Revell 1/16 scale funny car kits. I remember when this kit came out. I was about 9 years old and being in north Texas we are not too far from Gene Snow’s shop in Ft […]

1/32 Ford Deluxe Staff Car

by jeff stewart on March 7, 2013 in Automotive -- 10 Comments

This is the very cheap, very poorly engineered Lindberg 40′ Ford Deluxe. I bought this kit about 1 1/2 years ago for a mere $4 mainly because it was 1/32. Upon opening the box and seeing just how crappy it […]

Tamiya 1/24 Renault Alpine 110C

by James Kelley on February 5, 2013 in Automotive -- 3 Comments

Tamiya’s Alpine 110C, built OOB. Engine was airbrushed with Testor’s Metallizer Aluminum & Tamiya Clear Blue, then given an acrylic wash. Frame and interior airbrushed with Polly Scale Engine Black. Exterior was painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue from the rattle […]

Tamiya McClaren M8

by Rob Anderson on January 30, 2013 in Automotive -- 6 Comments

Built shortly before I moved not a great kit, but fun and looks ok once done. Curbside for sure not much detail.

1/24 Italeri 1933 Cadillac Towncar

by James Kelley on January 10, 2013 in Automotive -- 4 Comments

Had it not been part of General Motors, Cadillac might have perished in the Depression, a time when few could afford — or wanted to be seen in — big, expensive automobiles no matter how superb. Unlike independent Packard, which […]

MPC Zinger Corvette

by George Tufnail on December 11, 2012 in Automotive

Every now and then I like to unwind with bit of fun, and these little kits really fit the bill. I strip the chrome so I can clean up the seam lines, then replace it with Alclad. The body is […]

Revell 1/12 scale 2010 Ford Shelby GT500

by George Tufnail on November 28, 2012 in Automotive -- 4 Comments

One of my few ventures into automotive modeling, I won this kit at a club raffle, and just had to build it. I built it box stock, only painting the stripes instead of trying to use the battleship armor they […]

1/48th Tamiya Komatsu G40

by Walt Babst on November 26, 2012 in Automotive -- 4 Comments

This is the 1/48th scale Tamiya Komatsu G40 Bulldozer. I finished earlier this year, I completed most of it in one weekend. It is really a fun little kit to build, and as usual with Tamiya well engineered. A friend […]