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Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

1/48 Aichi D3A Val by Hasegawa(?)

The Val was Japan’s naval dive bomber, comparable to the American Dauntless or Germany’s Stuka. Vals were significant contributors to the expansion of the Greater Co-prosperity Sphere in 1941-42. As the front line bomber on Japanese carriers, she brought terror […]

1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt by Hasegawa

This is a P-47D which I inherited from a modeler’s estate upon his death. He had done some fine work, including the invasion stripes. They had obviously been on the plane for a considerable amount of time because they discolored […]

Silver Wings 1/32 Sea Gladiator

The Gladiator has been one of my favorite models since first reading about the Sea Gladiators of Malta in a wartime British propaganda publication, “The Malta Campaign” (which kinda/sorta sticks to the facts, maybe) when I was a kid. When […]

1/72 USAirfix (Airfix) Havoc

The instructions say “copyright 1979”. I’ve had this one sitting around for quite some time. Over the years I’ve built at least 3 others in different variants. It was time to just do the version on the box. The build […]

1/48 Monogram A1H Skyraider “Mig Killer”

One of my favorite episodes of Dogfights is “Gun Kills of Vietnam”. I attempted to portray Clinton Johnson’s aircraft featured in that segment. I still have some ‘tweaking’ to do here and there (I’m waiting for some additional deals as […]

One M.B. 152 deserves another

Seeing Bill’s version of this kit, I thought I’d present mine. Same airplane, in “Slaves Pajamas” – the Vichy red/yellow markings. It’s a second release of the kit. I found sanding down the cylinder heads aided fit inside the cowling […]

1/48th IL2-m3 Sturmovik by Accurate Miniatures

The Sturmovik was known as “flying tanks” to the Russian ground forces of WWII. Presumably built in greater numbers than any other aircraft, these planes made an idellible mark on their enemies. Heavily armed with cannon , bombs and rockets, […]

1/48 Lloyd CL II by Special Hobby

World War I began as the last Napoleonic War revolving around infantry, artillery and cavalry, but quickly devolved into mass carnage at the hands of machine guns, barbed wire, poison gas and massed high explosives. Sweeping maneuver was replaced by […]

1/48 ESCI F-86 Sabre

The price was right, and I had some old decals laying around, so this old bird got thrown together. Even though it’s not even up to Monogram’s standards, it still looks ok for it’s age. The interior leaves a lot […]

Hobby Craft 1/32nd Mustang MK.1A/F-6A (Kit #1713)

Subject Background: In March of 1943, 25 F-6A/P-51s were assigned to the 154th Observation Squadron of the 15th Air Force stationed at Oujda in French Morocco, North Africa. While operating there, No. 225 Squadron of the RAF frequently “borrowed” Mustangs […]