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Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

#2 for 2018 complete 1/48 Ki-61 Tony Special Attack Squadron

Finished with Tamiya and MRP paints . Weather with Mig wash . Decals used from Lifelike . 29177643_10214285761350814_829638719236472832_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr 29136075_10214285762270837_3852812606288953344_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr 29133287_10214285761790825_5571773584616980480_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr 29103865_10214285762790850_6508165382442844160_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr 29101472_10214285761830826_6589401605060165632_n by b007scott[/url], […]

Battle of Kasserine Pass Group Build: Kurt Bühligen: Tunisian Nemesis

Kurt “Bühlmann” Bühligen: The son of a pipefitter, Bühligen was born 13 December 1917 in Granschütz, in Province of Saxony of the German Empire. He joined the military service of the Luftwaffe in Flieger-Ersatz- Abteilung (Aviator Replacement Unit) in Oschatz […]

The Pilot Maker: Boeing PT-17 Stearman

I have always love the Stearman and all of it’s different schemes and variants. For many years I have been frustrated due to the lack of modern quality kits of this fabulous bird in my favorite build scale of 1/48, […]

Monogram Devastators.

With all of the excitement this week about the Lexington find, I was inspired to dig into my deep storage facility in search of the blue/gray VT-8 TBD you see here. I ‘ve built five of these kits since they […]

1/48 Tamiya P-47D Passionate Patsy 310th FS, 58th FG, Saidor New Guinea 1944

One of my personal favourites, and a splash of colour for good measure! Added the Ultracast seat and wheels, decals from the excellent Thundercals range by Norris Graser. My next razorback is actually a sister P-47, being “The Pied Piper” […]

1/48 Tamiya P-47D Free French 1945

Tamiya kit with the usual ultracast seat and wheels. Decals are from Berna Decals and roundels from the spares box. Something different and eye catching compared to the usual P-47 fare….. Happy Modelling Darren

1/48 Airfix Hurricane Mk1 (RAAF)

Australia received one Hurricane Mk1 for testing here in Australia and it went through several paint schemes, including a sharp looking silver paint job. I choose the foliage green scheme for something different, since most aircraft I build have natural […]

1/48 Tamiya P-51B 3 Squadron (RAAF) Italy late 1944

1/48 Tamiya P51B using Ultracast seat and wheels, 500lb bombs from the Tamiya P-47 (imagine having a few spares there!) Decals are from Red Roo, an Australian manufacturer of resin and decals dedicated to Australian subjects (check them out). The […]

1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter 455 Squadron (RAAF)

Here is my 1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter from 455 Squadron (RAAF) Ultracast exhausts and DK Decals for the artwork codes etc. I have plans for a few more Beaufighters – RAAF Mk21 and at least 2 nightfighters. Great kit and still […]

1/32 Tamiya A6M2 Zero: Build Part: 2 Painting Phase

This is the 2nd article regarding my build of the Tamiya 1/32 Zero. The 1st article covered aspects of the basic kit, along with photo’s illustrating my progress on the highly detailed cockpit assembly with fuselage halves. Since then I […]