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Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

1/48 Eduard Pfalz D-III

The most unlucky kit! 1/48 Eduard Pfalz D-III with decals from the Glencoe kit. While building this one, the control stick broke at least three or four times. The decals shattered and I had to buy another kit to get […]

Nose art group build….

Inside the fuselage, it says, Revell, Inc. Venice, Calif., Copyright 1954. No doubt a re-pop. I built it as a 12 year old (and still have it). I thought I’d give it another try. Actually, the box art got me […]

Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 9

I just had to post this, I finished scribing the panel lines on the nose and the upper wing surfaces, and I thought I would give it a coat of the blue. I love this color, I think its better […]

Airfix 1/72 Be-2c

The initial set – from the novelties of 2016 firm Airfix. On the box of the model are located, bribing with their elaborate detailing, the photo of the front of the aircraft (in particular the finned cylinders of the engine). […]

Tiger Model Corsair F4U-1 Tooncraft

When I purchased a couple Tiger Model AFV’s a while ago, I also got a couple of tooncraft which resemble Hasegawa’s eggplanes. One of them was a Bf109 and the other a Corsair. To get my mojo back I got […]

the story so far……..

Subject: the story so far…….. The year is 1949, and the Goodyear Trophy Races, are at their peak, with speed records being set almost weekly. The “stars” of the “show” are what’s now known as the “Goodyear Midgets” Tony LeVier, […]

FW-190 A4 Eduard 1:48 rollout and review

Hello and welcome to my rollout and short build review of this fairly new kit from Eduard. First of all, no aftermarket parts are used, so this is an “out of the box” model. The only exception is the thin […]

Yak-130 ‘Mitten’; Zvezda 1:72

Yak-130 is an advanced subsonic jet trainer, built in Russia to replace the outdated Czech built L-39 Albatroses. The airframe enables the student pilots easy transition to 4+, 4++ and 5th generation fighters. The development began in 1990 but soon […]

A-4F Skyhawk (Eduard 1:48)

My second Skyhawk… it is done. I think it is time to move on, I am not a guy building just one aircraft type. I really do not know what to say after this build, because I am just happy […]

Macchi c 200 Hasegawa 1/48

Another old build from my collection if I’m not wrong I’ve completed this 2 summers ago. Old but a good kit from Hasegawa simple to build but the result is nice smoke ring camo applied by airbrush and the models […]