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The Mother of All Plastic Ship Models-Revell’s USS MISSOURI

As you work on your current plastic kit consider this; there was a time when these prototypical miniatures didn’t exist. At least not in plastic form. How interested would you be in a hobby that offered little in the way […]

From ‘The Dark Side’ – Wood – USS Constitution 1:93rd Scale Mamoli Cross-Section

I purchased and built this kit about 7 years ago but thought I’d offer it up as a sample of the type of modeling that I do. I’m a ‘wood’ guy doing work in plank on frame and plank on […]

USS Texas BB-35

For all you naval freaks out there – the battleship USS Texas (BB-35) celebrated her 100th anniversary yesterday. She’s a grand old ship, and well worth the visit if you happen to be in the Houston area:

The Battle of the River Plate

For anyone interested: The 1952 movie “Battle of the River Plate” – the story of the December 1939 battle between the Graf Spee and the British cruisers HMS Exeter, Ajax and Achilles, is on You Tube uncut. The movie actually […]

D-Day LST in 1/35th from Hobby Boss

This was a pretty straightforward build, being rather ‘boxy’ with no fit issues with which to contend. It is, as you can see, devoid of any cargo at the present (human or otherwise). I’ll have to scrounge around for some […]

USS Harder from Revell 1/180 kit of USS Lionfish…

The USS Harder SS-257 was a Gato Class Fleet Submarine. She was built by the Electric Boat Company at Groton, Connecticut, and launched on 19 August, 1942. One of the most famous submarines of WW2, her skipper was Cmdr Samuel […]

USS Bowfin from Revell 1/180 USS Lionfish kit…

The USS Bowfin, SS-287, was a Balao-class Fleet submarine. She was laid down at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at Kittery, Maine, on 23 July 1942, and launched on 7 December 1942. She had a distinguished career in the Pacific, based […]

Revell 1/72 British Vosper M.T.B.

To me this was one of the more confusing boats of a late WWII (?) design to be modeled. It’s a British design, U.S. built, for Russia, but doubtful that it saw WWII service. Somewhere along the line, one or […]

Royal Caroline 1749

This is Mantua Models’ Royal Caroline (kit no.750), the original being launched from Deptford in 1749 as a Royal Yacht. The scale is 1:47. The length, excluding sticky-out-bits fore and aft, is 65cm (just over two feet). It’s really a […]

RAF Rescue launch 1/72

This Airfix old kit of the Royal Air Force Rescue Launch that picked up downed pilots from the waters of the English channel during WWII. I built it many years ago, but did some touch up painting and weathering work […]