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Progress on USS Wilkes

by Rob Anderson on June 1, 2013 in Ships -- 7 Comments

Lots of painting, lots more to go main colors are on for the Measure 22 scheme she wore from 44 (possibly late ’43) on through the end of the war. Need to do lots of touch ups, the Italeri Acrylics […]

Academy Oliver Hazard Perry Class guided missle frigate

by steven a weinmann on May 27, 2013 in Ships -- 5 Comments

WOW never seen so much PE before it was a little scary never built a ship and never delt with so much PE but it was a fun build The FFG-57 Rueben James

US Coast Guard LCM(6) 1985

by Mike Maynard on May 16, 2013 in Ships -- 12 Comments

LCM(6) USCG Cable Repair Boat. Another version of the LCM by Trumpeter. The US Coat Guard utilized a number of LCM(6) as cable repair craft, used to string power line transmission cables as well as telephone to off shore lighthouses. […]

Hobby Boss LST in 48th scale….

by Craig Abrahamson on May 13, 2013 in Ships -- 11 Comments

This was a pretty straightforward build, being rather ‘boxy’ with no fit issues with which to contend. It is, as you can see, devoid of any cargo at the present (human or otherwise). I’ll have to scrounge around for some […]

IJN Yamato Tamiya NEW tooling 1/350

Hello, I wanted this time to present a big project I’ve finished last December. The new tooling 1/350 Yamato Tamiya. The IJN Yamato is the largest Battleship ever built in the history of naval warfare, and together with the DKM […]

revell harbor tug

by bob mack on May 7, 2013 in Ships -- 11 Comments

a drinking buddy of mine asked me to build this for him one night when he and i and our wives were playing sequence…the case was on sale at Michaels for about 15 bucks…the pedestals are some spare bathroom doorknobs […]

Deutsche Kriesgmarine Zerstörer Z30, 1942. Trumpeter 1/350 + Scratch

The Z30 Zerstörer is part of the 1936A-class destroyers, or Narvik-class destroyers as they were known to the Allies, were a class of German destroyers of the Second World War. In common with other German destroyers launched after the start […]

Imperial Chinese Navy Chen Yuen, 1894. S-Model 1/700

Hello, this is my first post in iModeler. So I hope you guys like it. The Imperial Chinese Navy Chen Yuen built in Stettiner Vulcan AG, Germany, was the sister of Ting Yuen. She was completed and enrolled Peiyang Fleet […]

Progress on The USS Wilkes DD 441

by Rob Anderson on April 20, 2013 in Ships -- 9 Comments

Continuing on my conversion of the Dragon 1/350th Livermore kit into the USS Wilkes as she probably (note I said probably!) looked during Operation Husky the invasion of Sicily. Modifications mostly consist of re working the rear gun tubs to […]

Tamiya 1/35th PBR

by Craig Abrahamson on April 16, 2013 in Ships -- 19 Comments

Manufactured by a Seattle-based company called Modutec, it was specifically designed as a Patrol Boat, River (Pibber) for the armed forces during the Vietnam conflict. Powered by two V-6 engines and propelled via “water-jet”, it used only 2 feet of […]