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Reports from modeling shows, air displays and similar events.

Moson Model Show 2013 in pictures, part 1

Here are some pictures from the Moson Model Show in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary, which is being held this weekend. The Moson Show has estabilshed a firm reputation as the second largest international model event in Europe, after Scale Modelworld in UK. […]

IPMS/Wings, Wheels & Keels Venice Florida 2013 show

Ok , here you go some photos from the show on April 6 , 2013 . The show was very good and pack with a lot of vendors , my son was able to take an 1st place on junior […]

Today in Stockholm, part 6

More examples of some exquisite mud, dirt, grime and rusty metal seen today at the armor tables of the 08-Open contest in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 5

Continuing our coverage of the weekend’s modeling venue Stockholm, here are some highlights from the armor categories…

P-38s @ Chino Today

Earlier this week, the question was asked,. “Do you want to fly with the P-38s this weekend?” Of course, there’s only one answer to that: Hell Yes!! Of course, one must always ask the Weather God whether that will be […]

Today in Stockholm, part 4

Last portion of some impressive aviation models from IPMS Stockholm’s event today.

Today in Stockholm, part 3

Even more aircraft models from today’s event 08-Open in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 2

More aircraft from today’s contest in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 1

Back home aften an enjoyable day in Stockholm at a local contest that goes under a somewhat weird name 08-Open 2013. Here is some eye candy from the aircraft categories. Everybody liked the Flying Banana!

IPMS Three Rivers: TRICON 2013 Part II

Here are a few more photos from Saturdays show…since the 24-pic limit was reached on the other post. 🙂