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Reports from modeling shows, air displays and similar events.

Shropshire IPMS Model Club Show at RAF Cosford

Hi All, Just a few photos of the Model Show Held at RAF Cosford, As you will see there is an eclectic mix of photographs some showing the Aircraft Exhibited and the odd V1 Doodlebug thrown in for good measure, and of course there is the Models,D[...]

Hinckley Model Show 2014

Well I just got back from the Hinckley Model Show and a first for me,many of you outside of dear old blighty may never have heard of Hinckley so to to put you in the picture it is a town in the midlands of England and is the home of the Triumph[...]

Bolton IPMS annual club day January 19 2014

Well I just got back from the Bolton show and thought I would share some pictures with you all, quite a few clubs from the north of England were present as were many traders, the show is organised by the Bolton IPMS and is always a great day, t[...]

Groups (Airshows and Museums)

To advise, under the Groups tab, I've uploaded upwards of 350 images from the Imperial War Museum (Duxford), including the tank museum, and also images from the RAF Hendon museum, for your perusal and future reference.[...]

You won’t see these two anywhere but Chino

You're not going to see these two original Japanese airplanes anywhere but at Planes of Fame in Chino. A bad day for photography, but when the world's only J2M3 Raiden (Jack) and D4Y3 Suisei (Judy) are on display (the J2M3 hasn't been publicly [...]

2013 IPMS UK Scale Modelworld – on video

Found on Youtube is this comprehensive video coverage of the 2013 IPMS UK Scale Modelworld in Telford, England. Expertly presented by someone... a bit unexpected. Viewing the two clips will take about 20 minutes of your time, in return providing[...]

Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 3)

Here are the last few photos I'm posting from the Nationals. Once again, apologies in advance for any duplications across the three postings. as it was updated with additional images after the original posting. By the way, the blue 'Bugatti-[...]

UPDATED Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 2 )

A further selection of photos now included, after I cropped them a little to reduce file sizes for upload. Cheers!

Scale Model World Telford 2013

I've attached a fairly random selection from the 50th annversary weekend. With the number of clubs (chapters) and SIGs, taking a (conservative) average of 50 models per group together with the competition area display, I estimate there were upwa[...]

Scale Modelworld Telford U.K. 2013

Well scalemodel world is finished for another year so here are some pictures of the event for all those of you who could not attend.The first few pictures are from the competition and the standard was of course amazing, my personal favourites we[...]