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Let’s see if a good story makes this boring dark blue airplane interesting

If a good story can make a “boring dark blue airplane” interesting, as commenters said about Bruce Porter’s airplane, here’s a rip-roarer of a story. This is the F6F-5 Hellcat flown by my friend former ENS Clarence “Spike” Borley of […]

iModeler October Awards

It’s high time again to award our last month’s contributions. These were selected by the editorial jury among 101 new articles added during the month, prompting a total of 958 readers’ comments. As usual, we’re awarding the iModeler Best in […]

“Trick or Treat” (last installment)

Zombie Killa’s I & II : A side by side comparison. On their way to some mega-disaster (or Raider football game). When you’re having fun, why quit with one !

“Trick or Treat” 2

The Zombie Killa II, as promised, was the mate to ZK I. This one was “designed” to compliment the other, and pack the punch. Again, a Lindberg Sd.Kfz 222 was the starting point. Lowered front end (only) opened rear engine […]

Soviet Field Howitzer SU 122 (M-30) Italeri 1/35 kit

This was the first kit I built when I started about 10 years ago. I had done lots of research about proper construction and finishing and thought artillery with figures would give me a chance to try them out. I […]

No “Chino shots” but…

Went out to Chino yesterday and when I got there, it was a 10/10 cloud cover at around 3,000 feet and flat light prevailed. Welcome to the world of airplane photography… And even with signs advising that nothing on the […]

“Trick or Treat” I

In celebration of one of our more infamous holidays, Halloween, I thought I might kick things off with a pair of Zombie Killas. I’ll start off with Z.K. I, next post, Z.K. II, and finally the two, together. By the […]

My Other “back-house” Workshop

This is my other shop for larger model building and numerous other honey-do projects. I built this quite a number of years ago and just kept adding storage space, counters, and cubby holes. Being a Virgo, all my tools etc, […]

Messerschmitt Me 109 E-3 Swiss Air Force

J – 330 Fl Kp 7 Avanches, July 1940 The Kit is a Hasegawa 1:32, all registrations have been Airbrusht. See Below

Thank you iModeler.

Hi good people, It just arrived today, my prize from the lucky draw. I would like to thank all at iModeler for the Eduard Hellcat Mk 2 1/48 scale. It is the first time I have won anything on a […]