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A little video I made on YouTube!

So I thought I should post this on here considering this website is based for models :D Remember to watch in HD for the best quality I can provide you :D

Meet our March winners

Here is a brief summary of our March activity, a month that brought no fewer than 160 new articles and 1037 comments at iModeler. It is my pleasure today to announce the winning entries in our monthly contest. iModeler Best in Show - March 2013[...]

Just to prove I do build…..

My man cave was too clean so here it is with the Dragon 1/350th Livermore kit in progress. I plan on building it as the USS Wilkes performing convoy and ASW work in the Atlantic. Also the first shelf set up with models on it, and my shadow box.

Ready to start building again!

Well after a move up the coast, trauma from incompetent movers, lots of work the smaller West Seattle man cave (Man cubby?) is ready to build in. Flipped a coin between the USS Livermore and the great 109 kit I won here last month, and as the fa[...]

1/72 Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin

This model is special to me, because I actually flew in the real one several times "back in the day." "Seashell-5" (her call sign) was with VP-40 for most of her career. I most particularly remember the most interesting mission the Marlin ever[...]


My kit from the February drawing arrived today and it is great. Believe it or not I can't remember the last time I built a 109, maybe as a kid? What a great week, finished my probationary period in my post-Navy job and got my white hard hat, a[...]

After seeing Traas’s immaculate workbench in the article below….

Just figure I would throw mine in for comparison....hmmmmm. No I'm not proud of it. Also included are a couple of views from my climate controlled painting area, which explains my propensity for one-color armor building during the winters. I gu[...]

The Prize…

Received the February model contest prize on Friday (sorry it took a couple of days to clear the horror that is my workbench when finishing a build). ;) Many thanks to everyone at iModeler for the honor and a very cool prize!

Anybody watching Vikings on history Channel?

This is the Revell (Germany, I think) kit in somewhere around 1/48 scale (imagine that ;) ). It's a pretty good kit, based on the Gokstad ship. The mast, yard & spars were replaced with wood dowels turned in my hyper sophisticated DeWalt sc[...]

February iModeler winners

Another month has come to an end, bringing no less than 107 new articles at iModeler. It is my pleasure today to announce the winning entries for February. iModeler Best in Show - February 2013 Stan Traas' ( @howardcgreen33 ) Eduard Bf 110[...]