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COD in the water……….

The C-2 Greyhound community is small in the US Navy, and today we learned that an aircraft from my old squadron VRC 30, Det 5 lost an aircraft on the way to the USS Ronald Regan. 11 aboard, 8 rescued alive 3 missing. I still know several folks[...]

iModeler random award October.

In October, I was very fortunate to win the iModeler random award. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin and all the team for the Airfix 1/48th Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.II I received. I've not yet posted a WIP on iModeler, but would l[...]

A Cautionary Tale

Bought an old Italaerei kit at our club night this evening all still sealed in the original bag. When I got it home I took it out of the box to really see what I'd got and noticed that some of the parts appeared damaged! Further investigation sh[...]

Seats please….

Continuing with my Devastator, it became apparent that the seats were not going to cut it. They are actually ok, very good for the era, but I chose to scratch build the pilots and radio operators seats, I'm still deciding on the gunners seat. [...]

Telford kit news – Special Hobby 1/72 Curtiss P-40N Warhawk / Kittyhawk Mk. Ia preview

The Rules of Modelling, by The Unknown Modeller

The Rules 1. Every modeller's desk comes with a black hole beneath it that swallows parts. Only on rare occasions does it see fit to spew one back at you; a) only the high[...]

Model of the Month winner – September

Hi all - I had a couple of surprises today - one good and one not so good... Tore my calf muscle while exercising today - not much fun - but came home to find my prize for September's iModeler award! I wasn't up to taking first class photos toda[...]

Gibson Les Paul /1:10 scratchbuild/

Hi, This time I'd like to present model that perhaps to be quite unusual. Planes, tanks and other automotives seem to be most popular objects of scale modeling. Guitar model could seems not interesting for everyone. But those who enjoy sounds o[...]

Monogram F9F-5 and F9F-5P Panthers

Monogram's Panther first appeared in 1990, the first 1/48 F9F in close to 35-40 years past the Aurora and Hawk kits. At the time, it was the best and most accurate kit of the Panther, and it is still the most accurate (and in my mind, the best) [...]

Autumn Mist

So here he is, Verlinden's 120mm SS Trooper in the Ardennes. As I said in my build article I chose to do this guy different than was intended. He is in the M44 Camouflage uniform in Dot pattern on the box, including pants, and appears as such [...]