Monogram 1/48 Devastator TBD-1 USN VT-8 Ens George Gay, USS Hornet CV-8 (81 posts)

  • I will build the classic Monogram Douglas Devastator, using Eagle Strike decal set. Still awaiting on some other enhancements to improve an already pretty good kit. The USN Blue Grey over Lt grey scheme. Little more research as this decal sheet shows the standard sized stars, and then I noticed another sheet online with the oversized stars as shown on another scheme on this sheet for a Coral sea battle Devastator. Looking forward to get started.

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  • Excellent choice Chuck. Looks like our builds will be Squadron mates. My TBF is going to be marked as 8-T-1. I built this kit many moons ago when it was a brand new release. I remember the kit well and I have seen it built up by others. It looks really nice.

    I’m 95 percent sure that the Enterprise was the carrier that had planes with the oversized National markings. It was done right after Pearl Harbor when five of the six F4F Wildcats were shot down by friendly fire ( if there is such a thing), as they attempted to land at Pearl Harbor. Halsey authorized the change after his men brought the complaint to him. At the time Halsey was the Captain of the Enterprise. Hopefully this will help with your research.

    Thanks for joining the Group build and welcome aboard buddy !!!! If there you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • For the first six months of the War in the Pacific, U.S. Markings were in a state of flux. Louis is right about the real outsize insignia right after Pearl Harbor. A favorite of mine. You could see SBDs with 3 different size insignias on its uppers. The big ‘uns took up the whole chord of the wing, and the Wildcat with the big wing insignia, with the old smaller ones sticking out of the side of it. Before Midway, things settled down and the red (center dots, tail stripes with white )went away. The reason given is that it looked like Japanese “meatballs”. Uncle Bernie has trouble believing that, and suspects aircraft recognition, as usual, wasn’t quite what it shoulda been.

  • Thanks Louis, this surprisingly will be the first time building the Devastator, though I have had this in the stash for about 10 years, amazing that I haven’t built one before. Looking forward to getting this one started. I did see a set of decals for Sqd Leader LtC John Waldron, and it showed his Devastator with the oversize stars. Flying off the USS Hornet. I can go either way, as this set has the oversize decals I can use once I confirm which ones to use when I get to that point.

  • Thanks Bernard, the Navy was in a transitional period at this point. New instructions locally and Navy wide when it came to modifying the markings. As experience in service and in battle what advantage the Navy could gain by eventually changing the color scheme of aircraft in the Pacific theatre.

  • I always have the same problem with this kit. I’ve built it now three times since childhood and the yellow wings always win me over. Weird, since I can be lazy at times and the camouflage would be easier!

  • Here’s a photo I found from the “Hampton Roads Naval Museum” website. ON their website you can significantly enlarge the photo. It’s of Torpedo 8 when they were at Norfolk during Feb. ’42. This picture shows “8-T-7” when it still wore the red / white rudder stripes and red center in the national insignia.

    The planes were off loaded when the B-25’s for Doolittle’s raid were taken aboard in April 1942. They were then reloaded once the carrier returned from the mission.

    The picture is also in the Squadron Signal book TBD Devastator in Action. It looks like Torpedo 8 lost 15 TBD’s on June 4th. A few days before the Midway battle, LCDR Waldron ordered that two .030 caliber rear firing weapons be installed in place of the single weapon.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Looking forward to seeing this one. I’ve decided to switch from B-26 to Devastator since I can’t find the old Monogram snap-tite kit anywhere for sale.

  • Greg,
    I’m sure that early Monogram Marauder is very hard to find. (I checked several places for you and didn’t find one either). We will be looking forward to your TBD for sure.

  • Monogram only released t once that I can remember. I’m surmising it didn’t sell well enough to be released again, or if it did, I missed it.
    Our museum has donated kits, when I’m down there next week I’ll ask the head archivist if he’s got one for sale. Sometimes we sell stuff at shows and displays, any of you folks in the Maryland area.

  • Interesting project, Chuck. I am looking forward to see your build.

  • Thanks Greg, though I was looking forward to see you work on the B-26. It is a challenge as I am working on one right now. But the Devastator is a great choice. Wheels up.

  • Thanks Bernd, still waiting for some items to show up, so we can get this project started.

  • I’ll bet you’re chomping at the bit to get going…………………… Waiting is the hard part. Hang in there bud.

  • You got that right!, Love the smell of fresh styrene in the morning,lol, though in this case the new “car” smell has long since dissipated years ago. But those moments when you first pop the lid of a kit, it does have a distinctive scent.