Academy 1/48 P-38E ”Texas Terror” (49 posts)

  • Looking fine there, Thomas! Such a nice finish! And amazing addition to the GB.

  • Tom,

    Looking really good. The finish looks fantastic. I just love seeing these P-38’s come together. Can’t wait until I can start my own P-38 build.

  • Thanks for the comments gentlemen, since I’ve perfected the art of building excellent 3 foot models.

  • Well done so far Tom. I just finished this kit myself and no matter what I did I could not get the booms to line up perfectly. Model came out great but she is a three footer as well given the alignment issues

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge

  • Aligned or not Mark she really looks good. How did she do at the contest?

  • That’s another great looking Lightning.

  • Had a day off so after “she that must be obeyed” informed me I must help in retiring the Christmas decorations back to storage, I could have some time at the bench. So I attempted to put some strickers on the P-38.

    I used a combination of the Kits-World decals for the national markings and to ID it as Texas Terror, then the Academy decals for the stencils.

    That done I covered her in Future to seal the decals, all that’s left is a dull coat finish, add the gear doors, canopy and antenna.

    Still doing some research to decide if I display her as a P-38E or an early P-38F.

  • Very cool results Tom. Your on the home stretch now. Looks great bud.

  • Thanks Tom. She got nada. Alignment is a basic modeling skill so it knocks you out just like an unfilled seam would. Kudos to anyone who can align the booms on the academy/Hasegawa kits. One day I will build the Hobbyboss kit where it is not an issue.
    Enjoying this build among others on here. Great stuff.

  • Looks good Tom, looks like you got this handled 2nd time around. Like you I built the P-38E in half the time it took me to build the P-38M. Maybe cause I knew what to expect when it came to the nose this time around. Don’t know why but I didn’t have trouble with the booms. I look at Mark’s P-38 and it looks great. Then again I am not looking for any discrepancies either. I appreciate the effort any modeler puts into their projects.

  • You might want to know that this was an early P-38F, with the side-opening “lid.” The right hand side window did not roll down, and the lid opened to the right side. Further info: the upper surface is “green base” OD (same as British Dark Green), and the wheel wells, gear door interiors and gear were all painted aluminum lacquer. This from “Glacier Girl,” which was only 10 serials away from Texas Terror.

  • Thanks for the input Tom, after further research I determined “Texas Terror”, had to be a P-38F with the side opening canopy. You obviously confirmed my thoughts. Thanks again.

  • She’s looking great!

  • Thanks Greg, have the dull coat on and added some bits and pieces, i.e. the antenna, bombs,etc. I’ll finish the canopy tomorrow and string the antenna wire then on go the props.

    Whats left? Some exhause stains, and then some fuel stains around the fuel points.

    The next pics will be at the reveal. And hey, I found a model for The Year of The Cat GB, so I might as well join in on that fun as well.

  • You knocked this one out of the park !!!! Looks great buddy…………..

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of it on the reveal.

    We still have a month or so before the “Year of the Cat” winds down. But the “Official” ending date isn’t going to be strictly enforced. I’m anxious to see what you picked out for the Year of the Cat GB too ……………