Hasegawa 1/48 Bf 109-E4/7 JG-27 (24 posts)

  • Thomas, I had no idea Franz of “The Pub” escort fame flew in North Africa, or potentially saw Kasserine action.

    My dad was a history major, too, so I’ve got it in my blood.

  • Get some work done on the 109F, little disappointed in the lack of any great detail in the cockpit,especially for Hasegawa. Couldn’t find an after market one so went with the one in the box but added some photo etch seat belts. Not one of my favorite things to do .Fuselage fit was very nice so I wont be needing any putty or filler. Hopefully the wing alignment to the fuselage will also be exact. Makes for a faster build, which will be necessary as I have a P-38E staring me in the face and wants to be added to the KP build. Got the desert air filter in place but getting it painted will be a bit of a challenge. And my JG27 decals came today so it seems I’m all set.

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  • Um, escuse me, but do my eyes deceive me? Did you say you’re doing a P-38E for this BG???

    Nice work on the 109, btw.

    Do I score points for all the papers I’ve graded today–and the 60 papers I will be grading next week (that’s not a typo)?

  • Excellent work my friend !!! The seat belts look fantastic …………….

    Great choice of decals too. Which one are you going to do Tom ???

    I didn’t see a white 12 on the front cover sheet. Double black Chevron or Red two look good. HJM’s yellow 14 wouldn’t work (unfortunately) and I think the yellow 4 was from the Eastern Front. Not sure though.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing a Lightning here……………..

    Wow David………… the joys of teaching…………. doesn’t leave much time for plastic. Hang in there buddy.

  • David I believe John Wayne once had a line that went “I’m interested in results, not excuses.” Always played a hard man in his movies you know. Life’s a little different. And Louis I got the sheet to get the JG27 markings as I have the Luftwaffe fighter number 12 in the stash. I also wanted the sheet because Hasegawa seems to have a terrible time with the color white in their decals. Technically, white and black are pigments and not colors but theirs always seem to have a yellow cast to me.

    And yes David if the Spit and 109 get done I have a decal sheet for Texas Terror/Mad Dash P-38E used in North Africa. I’ve done a couple of P-38’s but none were OD. We’ll see how it goes.

  • That’s good news Tom about the number 12 in your decal stash.

    Boy you are 100 percent correct about Hasegawa and the white colors in the decal sets they provided in their kits. However I recently purchased two 1/48 scale F6F Hellcats, (“10,000th Hellcat”, & “Pacific Aces” ) where they must have been a more current release. The white actually looked white instead of the usual cream color one normally associated with Hasegawa kits from years ago. It was a pleasant surprise………..

    Hopefully you can build a P-38 for the GB. That would be very cool……………..

    Looking forwards to progress of your Augsburg Eagle…………..

  • Got some bench time in these last couple of days. Cockpit set inside the fuselage, wings on, and underbelly painted. The engine cowls gave me some alignment issues that required some putty to fix. And I’m not really pleased how the MG’s fit in the nose. However, the top coat is on, now it’s time for that enamel to dry. Then on to the decals and the canopy.

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  • Lighting fast progress!

  • WOW Tom !!!!!!!!!!!

    And I mean WOW……………… and I thought the “Iron Works” turned out some work…………….
    Looks great buddy. Can’t wait to see it with some decals and a canopy on…………….