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  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    OK, friends, at the suggestion of group member Neil Foster, along with the latent promptings of my better judgment, I am issuing a general inventory for the Kasserine Pass/Tunisia Campaign Build Group. The idea here is not to be exhaustive down to the nth degree, but rather to give a short list overview of the materiel used by both sides throughout the campaign, and so get a sense of the comprehensiveness of our group build—how we are really doing at covering the subject. I will progress with air power, then armour, then naval forces, punctuated at times with links. Any underlined items have already been spoken for by a BG member; asterisk* marked items were raised as possibilities in the headline thread, or have been bandied about in discussion, but have not been officially pinned down in the group build thread. Please feel free to comment. I will also post this as a topic in the Group Build thread so people can chime in.

    Air Forces


    P-40 Warhawk/Kittyhawk
    Dewoitine D520
    A-6 Mustang

    A-20 Havoc/Boston
    B-25 Mitchell
    B-17 Flying Fortress
    B-24 Liberator


    Bf 110
    Me 109*
    Fw 190
    Macchi C.200
    Macchi C.202

    Fieseler Störch
    Ju 87 (Stuka)*
    Ju 88
    He 111
    Ju 52



    Crusader Tank
    Sherman Tank
    Valentine Tank
    M3 Lee/Grant Tank
    M3 Halftrack
    Various artillery piece (75, 105)


    Greif Half-track
    Panzer III Tank
    Panzer IV Tank
    Panzer VI
    Fiat M13/40
    Fiat M14/41
    German 88

    Naval Forces

    Rather than attempt to document all the individual kinds of vessels employed by the fleets of each belligerent, I’m going to provide this link:

    Here you will find a blow-by-blow, with places, dates, and names, of the various actions in the North African campaign. Anyone motivated to work up a naval modeling approach will find plenty of action here, including carriers, destroyers, landing craft, and submarines.

  • Louis Gardner said 6 months ago:

    Could you add in the M-3 Stuart light tank under the Allied Armor section ??? Looks like they were there too. Thanks

  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    Good catch, Lou. I’ll have to make my document a living one, updated periodically as people jump on board. It certainly would be nice to have a Stuart, but let me take the opportunity to say that we have a glaring weakness: not a single German tank so far spoken for.

    Here are some graphics if folks can find them useful…

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Julian Shawyer said 6 months ago:

    I’m sure someone will enter a Tiger.

  • Louis Gardner said 6 months ago:

    This would be a good one to build……………….. I just pulled it out of the stash pile.

    But I don’t want to tackle it since it’s loaded with tons of parts. Right now I’m more into an easy build.

    Hopefully this will encourage someone out there…………………

  • Louis Gardner said 6 months ago:

    I know that when I was a kid, (and to some extent this still applies today), I was always lured into purchasing a kit by the box art that was on the lid…………………….

    So I pulled these kits out of the stash too. In some form or another they could all have been present during this campaign.

    I’m posting these pictures to encourage other builders to come on board and possibly inspire someone to build something shown on this thread…………….

    These are all open possibilities for this Group. As far as I’m concerned if you have any of these kits and want to build it as part of this group, then I say you should go right ahead and do so……….

    I’m not laying claim to any of these ideas, (nor do I plan on building these anytime soon)……………….

    Instead I’m just hoping to inspire someone into building something………………………

  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    Yikes, Lou! #StashEnvy

    And excellent ideas.

  • David leigh-smith said 6 months ago:

    Ah, who wasn’t/isn’t a sucker for box art?

  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    Are you still down for that Stuka, David?

  • Tom Bebout said 6 months ago:

    Good God Louis just how big is that stash of yours?

  • Louis Gardner said 6 months ago:

    I quit counting at 600………………. I have a little over 100 armor / military wheeled vehicle kits all in 1/35 scale, and the rest are aircraft in 1/48 and 1/32nd scales. The stash will definitely outlive me…………. especially at the rate I build them.

  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    I used to think I had a stash. I don’t have a stash. I have a shopping bag. Lou, on the other hand, has a HOBBY STORE!!!

  • Jeff Bailey said 6 months ago:

    Boy, oh boy!

    “I used to think I had a stash. I don’t have a stash. I have a shopping bag. Lou, on the other hand, has a HOBBY STORE!!!” David, you hit the nail on the head!

    Louis Gardner – CEO: Gardner’s Iron Works; Lou’s Hobby Shop – “We specialise in 1/35th scale Armour as well as 1/48th & 1/32nd aircraft! Come in and browse awhile!”; also, LG’s Auto Restoration Services … PLUS, he can put out fires! What a busy man!


  • Jeff Bailey said 6 months ago:

    David, I was considering doing my Crusader MK III until I saw that it is already spoken for. I may do something else, but even if I DON’T, this looks like a great Group Build.

  • David A. Thomas said 6 months ago:

    Jeff, we need ya, man. Take a look at all these mouthwatering options, pick one, and jump in!

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