USS Constitution 1:93rd Scale Mamoli Cross Section Kit

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  • Geoffrey E. Warnock said 4 years, 4 months ago:

    I purchased and built this kit about 7 years ago but thought I’d offer it up as a sample of the type of modeling that I do. I’m a ‘wood’ guy doing work in plank on frame and plank of bulkhead models with a couple of resin submarines thrown in to break up the pace. I’ve completed three wooden ship models, Virginia Armed Sloop, The Constitution Cross-Section, and The Swift, a coastal trade ship. In progress includes the Model Shipways Constitution (39″ overall length, 37″ tall, 22″ wide), the Ictineo (the first truly submersible ship) a wooden submarine built before the Hunley / Alligator submarines, a 1/4 scale cross section of the Bohomme Richard, and finally, my latest start is a solid wood hull model of the Lackawanna, a coastal tug that pulled coal barges for the Lackawanna Railroad Company.

    The cross-section was a quick build requiring only about 10-months of evenings and one day out of two each weekend. The instructions were translated from Italian and I’m sure the translator was taking out his anger toward the American jokes about the Italian military of WWII.

    The build was completed by simply assembling the 5 frames (two pieces each) on a common keel and then aligning them with spacer blocks that you cut from a provided piece of wood stock. I elected to toss out the original keel wood to incorporate a piece of history. While the grain is clearly not to scale, the wood I obtained was from the actual U.S.S. Constitution in Boston, MA. I purchased it through the Marine Detachment that sells removed wood during maintenance and upkeep. So, this model is truly built from the ‘keel up’ on a piece of living history.

    I placed the cannons / carronades in various positions from ‘just fired’ on recoil, to ‘ready to fire’ run-out positions and I placed two guns on the main gun deck in a ‘shipping’ position that you’d see them in while transiting.

    With the exception of the provided frame pieces, brass / metal pieces, all other items were fabricated, all spars were tapered by hand and all rigging was hand run based on provided plans.

    8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • AL HOFFMAN said 4 years, 4 months ago:

    Very impressive work. Look forward to seeing more but you should post under Headlines so more of us will see your work.

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