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  • Inspired by David’s proper Enterprise build, I decided to build one too, albeit not as expensive or detailed. I decided on Revell’s ancient mariner, I finally got one off the net, probably paying too much for it. First thing I noticed was all the flash, don’t recall that on the one I did in my yout. Wish me luck.

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  • Tackling the Island first I took off that triangle billboard thingy from the port side. Next, I going to remove that protrusion on the uptake top.

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  • Hi Robert. It’s great to see you start the Big E and I’m looking forward to seeing where the build takes you. Good luck and God speed!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, what about that protrusion on the uptake, I don’t think It belongs there, what do you think?

  • You can never overpay for a model that’s actually getting built.

    I’m looking forward to watching this one come together as well.Happy modelling!

  • If you mean this…

    Then you are right, I don’t think it belongs on the Enterprise even after any of her refits. I did wonder if it was a redundancy from another model (did Revell do a Hornet or Yorktown?) but even then, looking at photos, I think not. My vote is cut it off.
    What I’ve found in my build is it’s good to get some good references of exactly the Enterprise you want in a specific moment in time and build to that image in your head. Works for me; I don’t count rivets and as someone posted on here recently, it’s YOUR build, enjoy it.

  • I agree, I’m going to cut it. I think it supposed to represent an antenna of some kind that was in that general area. I hope to represent her in the 1941/42 era. Revell did all three sisters, the Hornet with little B-25’s ala Doolittle raid. here are some survivors of various carrier builds of my yout. Thanks for your input.

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  • I’ve always had a soft spot for the B25, it was a real favourite when I was a kid and it still ‘speaks’ to me. I may stick the 1/32 HK models kit on my Christmas list. The Hornet and the Enterprise side by side would be a lovely build. For someone…

  • Apropos of nothing to do with your model, when I was growing up in Sacramento, California, there was an older gentleman who lived on the corner of the block on which I lived. He was a former motorcycle racer and a collector of old Indian motorcycles (the brand he raced), as well as being a fine machinist–his garage was a virtual machine shop. During WW2 he worked at McClellan Field (later McClellan Air Force Base) and was there when Doolittle’s B-25s staged through on their way to Alameda to meet the Hornet. He had some interesting stories to tell about the event.

  • Must have been great to listen to.

  • Took that protrusion of the uptake, most of the island is done and got the bulkheads on the hanger deck. As it only comes with SBD’S I was toying with the idea of trying to convert some to a rough semblance of a F4F.

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  • Here’s one for the Star Wars connection. View of the Santa Bara from the .Kennedy

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  • I hope you or David are inspired to do this with your build 😀

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  • That’s just wild! If there’s an X wing in 1/480 scale or there about, I’m in.

  • Brilliant, Robert!