1/48 Tamiya F4U-1/2 Birdcage Corsair

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  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Thanks Jeff.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 1 week, 2 days ago:

    Time to button up the fuselage. First a quick test fit of the cockpit assy into the RH fuselage. Fit is excellent no issues, the LH side is then attached and cemented in place. Once set, time to install the 1/4 window inserts into the upper rear section of the fuselage. Normally on other kits this could be a potential problem, no in this case the fit is good. Being Tamiya doesn’t guarantee perfection, it is me that can mess it up. Tamiya just produces an excellent fitting kit, with clear instructions of assembly, it is still up to me me as the builder to have to assemble it correctly. So far it is coming along quite well and a joy to work on. Next up the center wing section…

    10 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  • Louis Gardner said 1 week ago:

    Your Corsair looks great Chuck. My favorite all time plane ……….. The seat belts really bring the office to life……………

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 6 days, 3 hours ago:

    Thanks Louis, amazing how seatbelts become a focal point within the cockpit. The instrument panel as well. An important detail that really enhances the overall cockpit.

  • Louis Gardner said 6 days, 2 hours ago:

    Like you, I think those two areas grab the most attention…………. Yours looks fantastic. I can’t wait for the next installment……………

Viewing 16 - 20 of 20 posts