1/72 Italeri SR-71 Blackbird (5 posts)

  • I started this project about 12 years ago right before my 4th back surgery. I was in a lot of pain and on some serious meds as a result. I dug this out of my stash a couple of weeks ago and it looked like I had been on drugs when started building it. I decided I would finish what I had started all those years ago. The kit itself looks like it’s molded from black tar. the plastic is really soft and panel lines are raised. Nothing fits properly and the whole thing is just a mess. I decided I would display it in flight and at some kind of dramatic angle. I added the mounting point using some Evergreen plastic square tube. Getting the angle was a bit tricky, but it all worked out. The landing great doors are going to require additional work in order to properly blend everything into the fuselage. The seams ( and all the raised panel lines) will be re-scribed later. The thing is a total mess now, but stay tuned for more updates.

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  • Hey George,I once built the Testors kit in 1/48 that looks to be identical to yours in everything but size ,stick with it pal it will look great when it’s done and black hides a multitude of sins !

  • Thanks, Neil. I think it’s going to look great.

  • I was inspired to pick up an SR-71 when I saw a 1/48 version nicely done at a contest a few years ago. I’ve already bought some paint that I was going to “test” on it, and was considering it a challenge to figure out how to use some subtle weathering to try to make it pop a bit more from that monochromatic finish. I’m counting on you to give me some creative ideas!!!

  • Hey Greg- I’ve been wanting to do an all black plane for a while. I think getting the finish right will be the real challenge. We have an SR-71 here at the Evergreen Aviation Museum that I’m going to go take a look at before I paint this thing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you some ideas. The pressure is on.