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  • Y’see this is what happens when I’m left without supervision… I wander around the cave opening boxes and then ‘tinkering’ with the contents, and before you know it, there’s another project about to hit the bench…

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  • Not sure why, but I cannot see my photo – probably just me, so I’ll try to add it here !!

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  • I can see the photograph! Are these known as jugs? If so, it’s going to be a big jug…….

  • George, I trying so hard to NOT make reference to BIG JUGS…. you just aren’t making my life any easier, friend !!


  • Big Jugs are great! I’d love to see a 1//24 scale model of them! Detail a-plenty.

    I’m with you, Ian!

  • OK, Ian, after giving this matter some considerable thought (more than strictly necessary according to my wife) I think we should ensure that all future references to jugs should be nipped firmly in the bud.

  • …more tinkering today (gotta love a day off especially when you work for yourself !!). More next week folks, enjoy your weekend.


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  • Since I’m re-rolling at NZCG, there’s quite a bit of down-time before the I can stuck-in to my new job. So whilst I’ve got some time to m’self, I can spend more time playing with bits of plastic AND doing the chores !!.

    Photos are pretty self-explanatory, as yet the only AM that I’ve used has been the pre-painted Eduard harness (each buckle and adjusting strap threaded individually !!.



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  • Nice work on that cockpit, Ian, threading those harnesses must take a lot of patience in 1/32, I’ve done it in 1/24 cars and that was bad enough……
    What have you stuck along the centre seam of the fuselage?

  • Main construction all done, filled, sanded and polished. Wings & fin masked ready for stripes – and you will NEVER see my bench this messy ever again. Hate working like this, I’m really ‘anal’ about keeping the work-area as tidy as possible.

    Stripes are now done, ready for base-coat. Going to try AK’s enamel black base coat for the first time instead of my usual Tamiya glossy black acrylic. Hopefully I can get that done later today when the sunshine warms the cave a little more.

    Stay tuned.

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  • Main metalwork all done with AK Xtreme Metals, colours are Tamiya acrylics (Olive Drab, matt Lemon Yellow and glossy Red).

    More later in the week.

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  • That’s all the metals done, cowl on (no problems thankfully), flaps just pushed in to place for now.

    Please let me know what you think about the tones of the metal etc. Will have to leave it for a few days now as I’ve had to order a new batch of Phil Flory’s ‘Florywash’ for the panels and the package is still on the way. Not a bad thing as I can build and spray the undercarriage parts tomorrow, and maybe start on something else as a ‘background build’ or maybe finish an already started build.

    More later in the week with luck (and if Rural Delivery allows !!). Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.

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  • So d*mn frustrating !!

    When we moved here to NZ, parcels from Hannants and other UK outlets would take from four-to-seven working days to get here. Now it’s ten-to-fourteen on average. I ordered more Flory Wash direct from Phil and a couple of bits from Hannants that I need to carry-on with the build; both packages were dispatched on the 1st June, today is the 19th…

    More when I can.


  • This is when I usually pull out another kit to start while I’m waiting on paint to dry or the post man!

    Looking good so far – gonna be one big bird!

  • I’ve done that, Greg and you’ll see it in the very near future.

    It’s Friday here and the Flory Washes AND the extras from Hannants have arrived this lunchtime. Just my luck it’s too bl**dy cold & windy to spend any time in the Man Cave later, but that’s OK, as soon as the weather breaks-back I’ll be back on my P-47…

    ,,,can’t wait because I’m enjoying this build ‘that much’.