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  • After the kit review posted recently, and visible here: I start the building of the kit, a s usual from the pilot office. I was surprise by the good fit of all parts, and the accuracy of the detail, there are just few photo available of the cockpit around, and the drawing coming from the bird manual. The guys in Gaspatch reproduce every single detail.

    Most of the interior where in RLM 02. Tamiya and Gunze both have in their catalog RLM 02, Tamiya much darker then Gunze. I take advantage from this discrepancy, creating a darker base with the first one, and lightenig the flat areas with the second one.

    In most of the pictures, on ground, flaps are retracted, but, to add point of interest to the model, I decide to disply them lowered, therefore where also painted in RLM 02.

    Apologize for the bud pictures, this evenig modelling was good, photography not so much…

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  • Very Nice Roberto !!!!! I’ll be looking for updates on your build. This is one of my favorite Biplanes…………………….. and the Gaspatch looks to be a great kit. The subtle differences in the shade of RLM 02 looks very convincing……………….

  • Thanks Louis, unfortunately my performance as photografer are still variable, pic do not reflect much the real stuff. Hope when I finish painting of all the internal detail, I will be able to take better ones

  • The seat belt sand few other detail on the cockpit reart bulkhead has been brush painted with Valleio Arilics, ecept turnbuckles that recive Model Master mettallizer. A wash with oil colors will complete the painting.

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  • Wow! Great work so far, Roberto! I look forward to the finished airplane.

  • I was really looking forward to seeing this build thread! Was curious what quality Gaspatch delivers – and so far it looks really good. Love the shading you achieved on the seat belts.

  • Thanks Boris, pics are a little too dark and do not reflect the real RLM 02. Till now, the only really minor draw back, are the sprue trees: to many and positioned on the visible surface, nothing cant be solved with a bit of sand paper. The cokpit is fine, a resin seat, with seat belt included, not the PE one, would have allowed a better painting. I think I will only purchease extra gun barrel, anyway the kit one are not bad at all. All the rest look very fine, engine included. I believe a good kit review must relay on kit parts as much as possible, adding too many extra will give a wrong perception of the kit quality.

  • Looks fabulous! Very nice work. How as the fit been so far? Are you using the kit decals?

  • Excellent start sir! Cleaver trick that of the 02, I put aside Tamiya Grey long ago because it was too dark to resemble proper 02 shade, but you found it useful as a depth base…sweet

    Following with interest

  • Fit is very good, I already glue togheter wings shell and dry fit fuselage ones. All perfect. About decals, I believe I will reproduce the one used on the russian front. Decals are from Cartograph, a very good brand, no reason to use different one.

  • Cockpit almost done. Most of the detail has been brush painted with Valleio acrilics, instruments dial are decals, from the bo sheet. In order to reduce risk of silvering, i cut the transparent part around with a punch and die. Athin hands of Tamiya clear has been applied to protect the job done untill now. The clear will help the Tamiya black panel liner, will be used as a wash to better slide in recessed part and not to darken all the area.

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  • Fabulous work! Looking very good. Nice attention to details.

  • On the Tamiya Gloss, previously airbrushed, i made a wash with same brand Panel Liner.
    After one day resting, Gunze flat follow on all areas. Instruments, oigen bottle and few other detail has been gently brushed with future to give a glosy apparence. Pitty pics are not gootd enough to note this detail. Time to close fuselage, has come, nice cockpit detail: bye bye!!!

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  • In the last two month I slow down my modeling activity, shared in at least 3 different project. I wanna close the year showin my ( few) progress on th HS-123, consisting mainly in the upper wing painting. Thee dark brown central band, needs to be retouched, softening a little the darker area. Pitty the light I use to take pics were too strong, and the light gray appear almost white.

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  • Nice work Roberto, coming along very well. Look forward to seeing the finished result.