Revell 1/35th scale MAN 5t Kosovo (14 posts)

  • This is a kit I started around 2007/08 been working on it off and on. Typical truck kit starting with the frame. Since the start I did not take images from the very start of the build so most of the images are more recent when I started to document my builds with images. Before it was taking notes and listing them on the instruction sheet as I went along. Mostly building the things that fly, I started this as a change of pace. I am pretty methodical with armor or soft skin kits. I don’t get into with PE or aftermarket bits like I do with the aircraft. This kit is all OOB, decals and all. In building armor I usually start with section one build whatever is in that section and then stop. And then build section 2 the next day and so on. When I started to document this build with images, it was about 5 year into the process of assy, so the frame and running gear is already all installed, and we are at the point where I start to add the exhaust system, fuel tank and the side mounted accesories on the outboard location of the frame assy. Next is to start the cab assy starting with the floor section, adding the seats, dash, pedals and steering column. I also weathered the interior a bit, showing some wear of running in and out of the cab wear, highlighted those hi-wear areas with silver pencil. Figures pretty much after the cab was assembled that the floor of these cabs have a black rubber mat not a bare floor. Oh well some one took the mat out! just like car mats, somehow they are always missing when you buy a used car. With the floor of the cab secure on the frame I add the side cab panels, painting them Humbrol Bronze Green, in fact up to this point everything has been painted Bronze Green as the base color. Before installing the front panel, I decal the instruments on the dash. Next the seats are installed, painted faded Olive Drab for the cloth seats. Thats it for now, next up getting the rest of the cab completed and start working on the bed assy. More to follow.

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  • Now to finalize the front panel of the cab. Install the pedals, steering column and wheel and the shifter. Again showing some wear with silver pencil. Install the windshield, I left the door glasses off as if they are rolled down. Once the front panel is installed it’s time to add the roof. The roof has the gun mount and sliding cover as well. I will leave this in the closed position. In hindsight I may have fabricated some seat belts to enhance the seats a little before installing the roof. Once the detail bits are done, next is to install the rear panels, and that spare tire well. Once the back areas of the cab is completed now it is time to install the roof panel. Thats it for now, more to follow

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  • Next to build the bed assy and canvas cover. Nice detail makes up the side, front and rear panels, the bed floor. Next to build the storage boxes that mount under the bed. Then install the braces under the bed. Once the various bits and pieces are installed. Before installing the canvas cover, the assy is airbrushed Humbrol Bronze Green. Once dry the canvas cover is installed. The canvas cover is painted Tamiya Deep Green, a lighter shade to represent the fading of the cover which would be lighter than the Bronze Green. Next up to airbrush the camo scheme. That we do next time. More to follow.

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  • Good progress on this Chuck. I too have kits I started many moons ago. Keep at it.

  • Thanks Anthony, something about armor projects, go along for awhile and then put it off for awhile a long while at times.

  • In airbrushing the tri color camo, I used Gunze Tan, on the canvas, and Dk Earth on the steel bed. Model Master Oily Black on the canvas and Tamiya Flat Black on the bed. !st with the Gunze Tan. Next MM Oily Black will be applied on the canvas. Next Tamiya Flat Black on the steel portion of the bed blending up to the canvas section. Aeromaster Dark Earth is then applied on the steel portion of the bed to complete the camo scheme. Then install the bed to the frame. Next time to apply the scheme to the cab.

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  • Its looking good Chuck. Making good progress.

  • Thanks Anthony just trying to stay motivated.

  • Quick update. Built the road wheels and tires. The tires are rubber but quite shiny in appearance. Using the natural oils in my hands and fingers I rubbed the tires to get as much of the sheen to dull as possible. Painted the road wheels Bronze Green and then assembled the 4 wheel assemblies and 1 spare.

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  • This is looking very nice!

  • Thank you Alfredo.

  • Next up to now airbrush the camo pattern unto the cab. Once done. I then installed the wheels. Attach the bed assy. We finally got this almost finished. Once the bed was set and sturdy. I then turned on it’s back and do a little dirty work along the frame and differentials. Next time we finish up adding the final detail bits, Front bumper, headlamps and mirrors. More to follow.

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  • I like it! Chuck, I especially like the scale spiderwebbing that looks like typical grass crud that collects on lower frame & running gear.

  • Lol, that is real spider webbing when the kit sat so long on the bench without working on it.