Kitty Hawk `1/48th Sepecat Jaguar GR.1, RAF, Operation Granby

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  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 12 months ago:

    I will jump in with the Kitty Hawk Jaguar GR.1 in Desert Pink. It will be my first attempt building a Kitty Hawk kit. I have read about how labor intensive this kit may be. Well let see how it goes. Have plenty of time to build it so patience is my approach.

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  • Louis Gardner said 12 months ago:

    Thanks for starting the very first build thread Chuck.

    Awesome choice my friend………………….. and welcome aboard !!!!

  • IAN JACKSON said 12 months ago:

    I’d left Coltishall and the RAF a couple of years before (1989), but was asked to asked to go-back when it was obvious there’d be a real ‘shooting war’ – I’d been around Jag’s for seven years. I didn’t but part of me does regret it !!

    Chuck, if you need any help/references with your build, give me a shout, OK ?


  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 12 months ago:

    Thanks Ian I may take you up on that. I have built the 72nd scale Hase and Italeri kits both very good actually. I like the ruggedness of the air frame.
    Been wanting to build the 48th scale one for awhile picking up the KH kit a couple of years ago. So I guess now is the time to start gathering some info before getting started on it.

  • Allan J Withers said 12 months ago:

    Good one Chuck, I have a 1/72 Italeri I could do !——-just had a look, the kit is an A and the decals are for a GR1 !!

  • Ferry Dierckxsens said 12 months ago:

    Great choice and good luck with the building. I’ve got a feeling we’ll see more Jaguars. LOL

  • Greg Kittinger said 12 months ago:

    I look forward to it! I’ve got a couple of smaller scale Jag’s, and intend one to be in desert pink.

  • Louis Gardner said 12 months ago:

    Jags, Jags, and more Jags !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool indeed………..
    Thanks again everyone for joining up.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 12 months ago:

    Allan thanks, you will enjoy building it, there are not too many 72nd Italeri kits that are as good as Hasegawas 72nd scale kits, but the Italeri Jag is very good and has weapons. That the Hase kit does not. Builds up quite well.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 12 months ago:

    Let’s take a peek, whats in the box? The box is square and packed with parts. Popping the lid off and we have the instruction booklet in color. Inside is the weapons paint and marking details. Not quite accurate but it will be ok. In the Gulf War the AIM-9L missiles were Glossy Lt Grey, white is ok for the earlier Jags that you can also build out of this kit. Next the foldout for the paint scheme of the subject I will build, though it will not be the markings provided in the kit. I will however use the stencils from the decal sheet. Don’t know how the kit decals will perform will find out. Clear sprue looks good and the kit provided PE set. Look at all them parts! One of the critiques of KH kits I have read and seems to apply to most if not all of them is the over-engineering, similar to Trumpeter kits like 10 parts to make a landing strut when 3-4 would do. In this Jag the open maintenance doors such as the ones shown here on the nose and the open
    avionics bay as well. The bits and pieces that make up the single place cockpit, and the LH/RH rear fuselage halves. The layout on the fuselage assy is similar to what I encountered in the Hasegawa and Italeri kits in 72nd scale. Of course much more details in 48th scale. There are 4 bags of 2 sprues each in the box. Lots of them, each sprue in the bags are attached to each other in the baggies. Keeps them from rubbing together, but the fit in the box is tight so it would be very little if not any movement of parts while in transit from the factory to there destination. There are engines provided, the engine bays can be opened up, again something I would rather choose to have closed with a minimum of effort. No worries on needing a weapons set from Hasegawa, everything is here that I need to build a Gulf War bird. Let see how she builds up. More to follow,

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  • Allan J Withers said 12 months ago:

    Thanks for the encouragement Chuck.

  • David Mills said 11 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Nice Choice Chuck – I like the idea of one of these so I am keen to see how it builds up!

  • Greg Kittinger said 11 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Well – just stumbled across an article in a modeling magazine on an Op Granby Jag, and I just couldn’t wait to pull mine out of the stash. I went with the Hasegawa kit I had, and secured some Op Granby decals (the ones in the box were pitiful!). I’ll add it to the Group Build along with my Sundowners Tiger II.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Allan will get cracking soon.
    Dave this will be my very first attempt on building a Kitty Hawk kit, So looking forward to the experience, so many negative reviews. Will see.
    Greg, your Jag is coming along nicely I like your approach and attention to detail in 72nd scale. While I just didnt do much on my Hase kit and built as is. But that was years ago, today I may have enhanced it a bit more. We do evolve over the years.

  • Chuck A. Villanueva said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Finally that the Mig-23 is basically completed, I can transition into starting to build the KH Jag. First with some pre painting which is my norm in my approach. Starting with the cockpit interior color of Medium Grey. Cockpit tub, control stick side consoles, rear bulkhead and the inner halves of the forward fuselage. Aeromaster Warbird color acrylic was used for this. Next up was Dk Gull Grey for the nose and main gear components and wheel hubs. As mentioned before the main landing gear is made up of several components which will take time to assemble when its time to get to that process. Just did the Mig-23 which took me all day to do and there were not that many pieces, so here we go again with the Jag. I used Polly Scale Dk Gull Grey Acrylic 36320. Next up the interior green components. Basically anything under the skin thats not grey. Starting with the LH/RH rear fuselage halves. All the inner faces of the landing gear doors and bays. The engine and weapons bay compartments. Avionics bay and doors as well in the nose. I used Testors Zinc Chromate Yellow enamel in the small bottle for this color, though it has more of a green hue when it dries. Brings back memories these small bottles. Testors and Pactra enamel paints long before acrylics came one scene. That’s it for now. Next up we start putting this cat together. More to follow.

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