Leopard Camo – Yellow 6 BF109 JG 27 (32 posts)

  • A Tamiya BF109E Trop – often depicted in an iconic photograph – with ‘Leopard Camo’ scheme.

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  • This one builds up very nicely. A few days ago I took some photos of mine, as I had planned on posting an article here about it on Imodeler. I built and painted it just as you plan on doing. Two thumbs up. Great choice. (one can never have too many 109’s……).

  • Looks good Paul, camo’ scheme works well.

  • Louis – I’m really looking forward to your post in that case! I may build ‘white 3’ instead of ‘black 8’. I don’t think 3 belonged to Schroer – a little research to do!

    Allan thanks – fingers crossed!

  • That is a great picture, shows how camouflage worked. I think it was taken right after the DAK arrived to “help” their Italian allies. A little jazzier than the tan uppers, like Planesys G.

  • Here’s a few pictures of my 109 for you.

    I also built the kit as white 12

    I was planning on posting two new articles on the 109’s a little while ago but other things took precedence, so I never got around to doing that.

    Please feel free to build your plane in whatever markings you desire. I’m sure that whatever you choose will turn out spectacular. I am looking forward to seeing your updates my friend.

    Thanks again for starting this build.

  • I just posted photos of my build on “Black 8” in the headlines section Paul. I hope this helps with your build my friend…………………

  • Hi Louis – excellent stuff – I love the depiction of the camo on Schroer’s mount! Beautiful – I am currently trying to find out more about ‘white 3’ – it is the subject of such an iconic photo. Still don’t know which way I’ll go! Either way your post will be of great help. Thank you so much!!

  • You’re welcome Paul. Thanks for the compliments on the 109. If I run across anything about “White 3” I will send you a PM. Take care

  • Nice pick Paul – one of the best, no the best, Me 109 camo scheme I think. Looking forward to this one.

  • OK – brief update: only on what I will build. Given that we have just had a really stunning ‘Black 8’ post from Louis, I am going for ‘White 3’, as captured in the iconic photo and so often used as an example of desert camo. Essentially the same ‘leopard’ look but some slightly different possibilities and also a bit of a detective job to see if any details are forthcoming over and above the obvious! Should be fun!

  • Some shots of White 3: B&W and colourised. Thanks to sources on www!

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  • A minor update at last, now that the ‘shelf of doom’ has been cleared! I have decided to use a lot of photo-etch on this build. I am generally not ‘for’ too much metal addition and try to choose those parts that enhance most, leaving the rest out. However, I realised that I haven’t ever really gone the whole hog! So, warts and all I’ll give it a whirl. I guess my opinion over ‘the etch’ will form as the process continues. I am using a fairly unforgiving macro lens for photography, and spotted – after taking these pictures that part of the side panel insert hadn’t bent down as flat as it needed to (pic 5) – so that will be fixed before the next update!

    The photos show the original kit detail; then the sanded interior to remove that detail and then the insertion of the first Eduard photo-etched parts. CA glue used initially – then Gator Grip, after a fine diamond file was used to level etch edges.

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  • Here is a brief update after having added much of the etch to the port and starboard interior. Gator Glue was used on all parts here and the photo-etch that was applied as ‘silver’ bare metal was treated with Ammo ‘burnishing fluid’ to make it look distressed. The only other painting was with Alclad ‘polished brass’.

    The photos – taken with a Canon 100mm IS Macro lens appear as much bigger than life size – so many of the imperfections look less glaring on the real thing!

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  • The photo etching looks great Paul. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that the sidewalls were painted with RLM 66 !!!! That’s a very neat trick…………………. The photos turned out very nice too…………
    Thanks for the updates.