Pz V Ausf A Panther 1:100 Zvezda (12 posts)

  • Inspired by Louis Gardner and his Kursk panther – another Panther build which had stalled ( broken down in the heat of battle?)
    I picked this up for a few quid from the Ipms Brampton show last year .
    Super build and detail for 1:100 is superb. I thought it might be cool to see what could be achieved with such a small kit.
    This is what I have done so far.
    Painting wise all I have tried to to do so far is get some dark grey into all the corners and recesses.
    One of the great things for me on Louis build has been the conversation he has had with Jeffry Bailey about their time as tankers – great for all us non tankers to tune into – thoroughly enjoyed it !
    Thank you Gentlemen!

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  • Oh and for Jeffry Bailey – its one of my favourites too !

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  • Outstanding David !!!!

    I’m glad that I may have inspired you to build this one……….. Yes Jeff is a fellow tanker buddy of mine…………. a great fellow indeed.

    I’m sure he will like the album cover………………. 🙂

    Please keep us posted with updates my friend…………..

    Thanks for starting the build.

  • I was not aware they made tanks in this scale and you were right about the detail. Looking forward to the rest of the build

  • Hi George I think they are made for wargamers but the detail and the fit is so nice for the scale!I got a JS2 as well and will put that up soon. Cheers Dave

  • HI Everyone, I thought I would try to post this from my phone to see if it works and if more importantly I can work it!
    Got some paint on so pleased to be able to post.
    I am currently in hospital awaiting surgery so thought I would post what I could!
    Cheers everyone be back soon.

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  • David & Louis, thanks for the kind words!

    Yes I am (as is Louis) a former DAT. (DumbAss Tanker) and we’re proud of it! Besides, those beasts can be a Ton-O-Fun … as well as a major pain in the a … behind!

    As George mentioned, I was unaware of the 1/100th scale vehicles. I have an extensive (over 300, but not ALL different) collection of the ROCO 1/87th scale (HO) MiniTank vehicles but I didn’t know that anyone made smaller scale vehicles – as opposed to toys.

    (Louis, I’m typing this with Al singing about time & felines in my head.)

    Great job on that Panther so far, David! I hope your hospital surgery goes extremely well & you’re back home to fun hobbies ASAP. I doubt the horse-pistol Nurses & Doctors would approve of the lovely scent of styrene glues, enamel &/or acrylic paints if it came wafting out the door of your hospital room! Ha! 😉


  • Looks good for 1/100th David, hope you are well !!

  • Thanks Jeff – back home and feeling much better. Not much chance of any aromatic solvents on my ward I am afraid !

  • Many thanks Allan, I am feeling much better thanks – some friends from the club came over and left me with a very nice Hasegawa A-4E Skyhawk just to get me back on track – take care.

  • The decals have arrived. They are a bit thick and pretty much impervious to microsol/microset. Will try some X-20A next time. Have applied a home made dark acrylic wash to give a bit of definition and variation of tone.

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  • The Panther paused in its relentless advance across the artists pad only to take advantage of available cover.

    Nearly there, just a bit of weathering to give a worn dusty look to our Kursk panther.
    This was achieved by using Flory wash thinned 50/50 with distilled water and airbrushed on.
    Once dry the wash was removed by a damp brush and cotton buds till I was happy with the overall look.

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