White numeral decals for 50’s US Navy

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  • Josh Patterson said 10 months ago:

    Hello, I need to source a sheet of numerals so I can finish my F9F Panther. I made the mistake of putting the small “209” on the flap of my Toko Ri bird and the large one won’t fit on the nose. (Or does someone have a set from this issue that they didn’t use and are willing to sell?) I did pick up a Tamiya Wildcat and have an F7F-2 to build so at least I’ll get something done!

  • Craig Abrahamson said 10 months ago:

    I’ve got some sheets of white numerals you can have (but not from that kit). Just lemme know how big they need to be (in inches). My email is [email protected]

  • Louis Gardner said 10 months ago:

    Hello Josh.

    I recently purchased two sets of US Navy numbers in 1/48 scale on EBay. I posted pictures of them on my Hellcat build thread, so you can look and see if this is what you’re after.

    382075082103 is the item number for the smaller 8” and 12” numbers.

    131449131299 is the item number for the larger 18”, 24” and 36” letters.

    I have no affiliation in any way with the seller or the items listed for sale there. Please check out the photos of the decals and decide for yourself.

    Hope this helps you.


Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 posts