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My Monogram Crusaders

by Drew Tarter on August 3, 2014 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

Since everyone is posting their Monogram F-8’s, I decided to throw mine into the mix. These have been posted before, so I apologize in advance for the re-runs. First up is a Monogram F-8E converted to the later J model. […]


Desert Rose

by Halvar von Flake on August 3, 2014 in Aviation -- 19 Comments

Beyond being historically important aircraft, Spitfires are just beautiful. I find that their iconic design emerges best with the desert camouflage, especially with the color scheme of the Polish Fighting Team. Possibly this is because of the blue numbers giving […]

How-to: Getting that worn look to an aircraft’s camouflage using dry pigments

by Editor on August 2, 2014 in How-to -- 6 Comments

A wee tutorial of getting that worn look to an aircraft’s camouflage by working with dry pigments. This is part of an ongoing video blog by Mr. Gary “Making Models Again” Bottoms. Example kit in this case is the Airfix […]

Weathering the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon MkIb

by MakingModelsAgain on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 1 Comment

A wee tutorial of sorts on one of the methods I use to age an aircraft’s airframe. The finished article


Hasegawa F-8H Crusader

by Tom Cleaver on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

Here is the Hasegawa F-8 done as an F-8H using the full Cutting Edge conversion set and Meteor Productions decals. There’s an old saying that “it’s better to be lucky than good.” The Chance Vought F-8 Crusader series was not […]


“Le Crouze” – the last Crusader

by Tom Cleaver on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

Here is the Hasegawa F-8E Crusader modified to be an F-8E(FN)/F-8P, using the Cutting Edge slats and flaps, dive brake, and cockpit, with decals from MDC. By 1962, the Marine Nationale was undergoing rapid modernization, with two new aircraft carriers, […]


Monograms 1/48th Ling Temco F-8E Crusader, USN, Vietnam

by Chuck A. Villanueva on August 1, 2014 in Aviation -- 25 Comments

So to add another Crusader to the mix. This one is using the Kendall wing fold set and cockpit upgrade set. The only thing I didn’t do was adjust the incorrect stance of the main gear. I configured this for […]


OK, I’ll play along! Monogram 1/48 scale F-8 Crusader

by Ramon R. Lomeli on July 31, 2014 in Aviation -- 26 Comments

Inspired by the last few posts, here is my Monogram 1/48 scale F-8 Crusader. I used the Cobra Company landing gear set and resin ejection seat, some foil from a wine bottle to make a simple seatbelt harness and I […]


Another 48th Scale Monogram F-8 Fan

by Jack Mugan on July 31, 2014 in Aviation -- 17 Comments

I bult this model some time ago, but it is still one of my favorites. The panel lines are pencil and the kit is built basically out of the box. Lots of decal work and some light weathering. The seat […]


Revell 1/72 PT-109

by Jaime Carreon on July 30, 2014 in Ships -- 18 Comments

Since watching “McHale’s Navy” and the movie “PT-109″ when I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with PT boats. I decided I needed a change of pace and this was what came of it. The kit is the oldest in […]