1/48 Canadian CF-5D – an old school kitbash

by Colin Latta on January 11, 2018 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

Here’s an oldie from over 20 years ago. It’s a 1/48 Testors F-5A wings and fuselage, a Monogram cockpit section (heavily modified) and canopy, with the nose and tip tanks vacuformed over balsa wood masters. Everything was rescribed, and detailed, […]

Battle Hopper – bio-/mechatronics grasshopper bike (Bandai)

by IT Lahtinen on January 11, 2018 · in Sci-fi — 10 Comments

I participated a group building after year changeover and decided to do something new & small. My first motorcycle model is a bit special while it is an amalgam of bio-/mechatronics parts. Modified to military use, Battle Hopper is a […]

Tamiya 1/48 P-51D “Big Beautiful Doll” & 1941 Ford…Lt. Col. John Landers…35 1/2 kills

by bob mack on January 10, 2018 · in Aviation — 27 Comments


Year in review 2017

by Robert Royes on January 10, 2018 · in Uncategorized — 14 Comments

I finally figured how to do this, Still working on my Revell Enterprise and a Macchi C.202.

1/350 CV-6 USS Enterprise 1942 Late Version

by Won-hui Lee on January 10, 2018 · in Ships — 34 Comments

P.E : Infini CV-6 Enterprise 1942 late Detail up set & Blue color Wooden Deck Figure : NorthstarModels USN Figures in working position 1~2, Boxing Tournament in USN Ship WWII It took six months from July to complete. The Infini’s […]

1/700 Korea Navy Ponokseon 1592

by Won-hui Lee on January 10, 2018 · in Ships — 11 Comments

Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98)–98) Panokseon : Manufacturer : Aritist hobby Scale : 1/700 General Yi Sun-sin has won all 23 naval battles on the Panokseon. He is one of the best naval commanders in history.

1/350 French Battleship Dunkerque

by Won-hui Lee on January 10, 2018 · in Ships — 16 Comments

I received this kit as a prize for the ‘May awards’. This kit is very good without any detail-up. This kit include some photo-etching. I have not tried to weathering, except for the low hull. I expressed the panel by […]

The Quonset hut

by G. Ley on January 8, 2018 · in Diorama — 8 Comments

As previously stated, I try incorporating as many details from my life as possible in these dioramas. Thanks to the Marines, I have intimate familiarity with Quonset, or as the British say “Nissen”, hut and because we used them on […]

My 2017 in Review

by Ray Seppala on January 8, 2018 · in Aviation — 6 Comments

I managed to finish 14 models for the year. Some were a concerted effort to reduce the number on the shelf of doom. The majority are 1/72 except for the Mirage (1/48) and USS Excelsior (1/1000). The C-17 came very […]

The Wooden Bee and the Story of the Auca Five

by David A. Thomas on January 8, 2018 · in Uncategorized — 23 Comments

Here is my modest contribution to the Year of the Cat, and it is simultaneously a legacy build. The former is tenuously justified by the fact that the model in question bears the nickname “Cub” (the PA-14 Piper Cub, to […]