HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI build Pt. 2

by Juan Benitez on November 16, 2017 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

Before I started work on this plane I went thru the instructions with a fine tooth comb looking for pitfalls and making sure I don’t miss parts or placement. This gave me an idea on how I wanted to proceed. […]

Titus Oates’s Aussie ‘Stang

by Marek Halas on November 16, 2017 · in Aviation — 15 Comments

Tamiya’s 1/48 P-51D Mustang finished as an Australian CAC CA18 Mustang 21. Firstly though, a little bit of history I managed to glean about the plane, (& apologies in advance for any errors & omissions on my part): The scheme […]

Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 1

by Boris Rakic on November 16, 2017 · in Reviews — 9 Comments

Full Disclosure. No, nothing inappropriate. Last weekend I visited Scale Modelworld at Telford for the first time ever. Together with Martin (@editor) we roamed the halls, took in all the wonderful work on display, and in between all the “ohs” […]

Parnall Panther (1921), 1/32 Scratchbuild

by Rob Pollock on November 16, 2017 · in Show Reports — 8 Comments

I had a look through Martin’s aircraft posts from Telford but didn’t see this one listed unless I overlooked it, so apologies if duplicated. I think the modeller is Italian but don’t know anything else about it apart from the […]

Steel Haul – Volvo F12

by Charles King on November 16, 2017 · in Automotive — 22 Comments

The traktor is a kit from Italeri with modifikation done to it. The trailer wars scratch unikt. The Steel plats were made from cardboard.

HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI build

by Juan Benitez on November 16, 2017 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

So much has been written/said/shown about the Mossie this plane needs no introduction! The aptly named “Wooden Wonder” did everything it was designed to do…..and a whole lot more. My first exposure to the Mossie was the intro scene of […]

Revell 1/35th scale Man 5t Truck, Kosovo Conflict 1998

by Chuck A. Villanueva on November 16, 2017 · in Armor — 10 Comments

A change of pace in building something that doesn’t have wings. With a few armor and soft skin kits in the stash, this one was quite interesting picking it up at a kit show a few years ago. When it […]

Eduard 1/48 Fw 190D-9 JG 301

by Stan Traas on November 16, 2017 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

Finally beaten into submission. While not as maddeningly difficult as Eduard’s Anton series, this one has it’s fit issues. Two main complaints are- 1. covers designed for open display do not adapt well to closing up (note the gun cover […]

1/48 Tamiya Jagdpanther

by Stan Traas on November 16, 2017 · in Armor — 11 Comments

Most recent armor build. Still too clean, I KNOW…. I did try to mud it up a bit using a couple of splatter techniques, but it still lacks the grunge. Ah, well, I think the camo job turned out OK. […]

Scratch Built Paper jet liner – Incredible!

by Charles King on November 15, 2017 · in Aviation — 9 Comments

Scratch building at its best. Dedication and resilience is what you can call this artist. Take a read and prepare to be awed!