Eduard Spitfire Mk. IXe 1/72

by Johan Fredrik Holst on October 16, 2017 · in Aviation — 18 Comments

Spitfire Mk. IXe, flown (probably) by Maj. Vasiliy A. Matsyevich, the unit commander of the 26th GIAP, Leningrad area, May 1945. There are various theories to the appearance of this peticular Spitfire, this is one of them. (This info is […]

Tamiya 1/48 scale Nakajima, Gekko Night Fighter Type 11 Late version

by Terry Schuler on October 15, 2017 · in Aviation — 28 Comments

Originally designed as a long range fighter, the Nakajima Irving (as it was know as) was soon outclassed by other fighters. It was relegated to recon duties primarily, until a field design modification proved its worthiness as a night fighter. […]

Turn of the Century NASCAR

by IAN JACKSON on October 15, 2017 · in Automotive — 7 Comments

Finished this morning: The ‘gold’ one is Revells’ 1999 (slab-side) Chevy Monte Carlo built almost straight from the box, I lowered the ride-height about 1.5mm as I do with all my NASCAR builds. The decals are from Powerslide, printed by […]

Year of the Cat: Ducati 916 1/12 Tamiya, Part1

by Johannes Gerl on October 15, 2017 · in Automotive — 8 Comments

The release of the 916 was a big bang. At the beginning of the 90ies motorbike design was little innovative and gridlocked to a small number of design patterns. After the 916 all was different and over the following years […]

Paiting F-14A

by Josef Rössner on October 15, 2017 · in How-to — 10 Comments

On start i painted all plane Mr.Finishing Surface 1500 Black. Next steps identical for all colors. At first i painted some places Tamiya Xf-2 White, X-4 Blue a XF-64 Red Brown and at second i painted plane very thinned camo […]

F-86F Sabre Skyblazers 1/48 Italeri + PE parts Eduard

by Josef Rössner on October 15, 2017 · in Aviation — 14 Comments

F-86 F Sabre, Skyblazers Aerobatic Team, 48th FBW Chaumont-Semoutiers Air Base, France 1956, Captain Jim Reynolds

Yes….a Phantom – but it’s the last one for a while

by Craig Abrahamson on October 15, 2017 · in Aviation — 25 Comments

Tamiya’s 1/32nd scale F-4J. And wouldn’t ya know – after I [thought] I was finally finished, THEN I noticed that I forgot to paint the NMF section(s) on the elevators. Dammit! Oh well, that shouldn’t be too difficult to remedy […]


by Rob Anderson on October 14, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 12 Comments

Monogram’s venerable F-102 Delta Dagger. I was able to pick up an original boxing from my local hobby shop and the fit was actually quite good. A few spots were the canopy fit and missile bay door fit if you […]

F-14 A Italeri 1:48

by Josef Rössner on October 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 13 Comments

Maverick aircraft from Top Gun Movie 1986

Tiran 5

by Julian Shawyer on October 14, 2017 · in Armor — 24 Comments

Tamiya Israeli Tank Tiran 5 1:35th scale What first attracted me to the Tamiya Tiran 5 was the box art. Going across the desert in a cloud of dust, the IDF Tiran looked all tank. The Tiran 5 was adapted […]