Holy Grail?

by Harry Brogan on October 14, 2017 · in Automotive — 8 Comments

George Williams hit the nail on the head with the 1/6 Tamiya kit. So here’s what I’ll be building soon. Yes, it’s a 1/6 Tamiya Harley with the sidecar. Personally, I consider this to be the “Holy Grail” of the […]

Haven’t we all encounterd this?

by G. Ley on October 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 8 Comments

This is a large scale Fokker Dr-1 purchased from an British gentleman. It was shipped with a very heavy base. The base came adrift causing major damage. Von Richthofen’s Fokker was in better shape than this after his fatal crash. […]

Academy P-38M Nightmare…er, Night Lightning (or) the P-38M in Japan and Why It Matters to Me

by David A. Thomas on October 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 30 Comments

Warning: This is a lengthier than usual post, so read on at your own peril. History of the Bird The P-38M captured my imagination some time ago, and I decided this point in my return to modeling was my chance […]

OMG! Airfix announces 1/48 Blenheim IF for 2018!

by Tom Cleaver on October 13, 2017 · in News — 21 Comments To further ensure scale modelling immortality for this magnificent aircraft, we are excited to bring Workbench readers the exclusive news that a newly tooled example of the Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF will be taking its place in our ever popular […]

The Yellow Nose of Texas

by G. Ley on October 13, 2017 · in Diorama — 16 Comments

The “Yellow Nose of Texas” There’s a yellow ‘plane in Texas That I’m a goin’ down to see No other pilot knows her No pilot, only me You may talk about your Ayers Thrush And sing of your Paw-nee But […]


by Harry Brogan on October 13, 2017 · in Automotive — 9 Comments

Well, some folks were looking forward to the build of a snap kit from me. So here it is. First it’s necessary to let you know that the deal I made was for an incomplete kit. Which I knew going […]

Me 262 1/32 Trumpeter

by Moritz on October 13, 2017 · in Aviation — 23 Comments

Hey! My name is Moritz I´m from Germany and I am 18 years old. This is my first upload so I would love to get some responses! The model is my Messerschmitt 262 in 1/32 by Trumpeter which is now […]

1/350 DKM U-boat VII B & Arado Ar 196

by Won-hui Lee on October 13, 2017 · in Ships — 27 Comments

I made a diorama for a short rest before performing a top-secret mission. Through Google Earth, we’ve referred to a lot of pictures of the Norvik coast. However, I feel bad because it is totally different. The color and transparency […]

Friday Briefing

by Rob Pollock on October 13, 2017 · in Photo Collections — 20 Comments

KW-2 “Winter Colossus” / Trumpeter 1:35 /

by Bartek Karpiński on October 12, 2017 · in Armor — 13 Comments

I would like to present on iModeler a next model from my output. It’s a built few years ago soviet heavy tank KW-2 from WWII times in scale 1:35. KW-2 was a quite unwieldy colossus, despite this, some of captured […]