Yamaha YZR 500

by olivier.rive on August 16, 2017 · in Automotive — 15 Comments

Tamiya 1/12 , the bike of a legend GP drivers : Norifumi Abe. A+

1/48 Tamiya Thunderbolt “Pengie II” 56th FG

by Darren Dickerson on August 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 18 Comments

Hi Everyone Long time since I posted anything here. This one completed earlier this year and recently had some photos taken. Decals are from the excellent AJ Press Book “56th FG Part 1” Ultracast Seat and Wheels Paints are Mr […]

1/48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar Operation Granby

by Dan DeSilva on August 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 22 Comments

Years ago, I got an Airfix Sepecat Jaguar and loaded up on all the Paragon resin parts for it. Then I entered a phase of major downsizing and decided to sell it off. Last year i decided to get one […]

Hasegawa 48th scale Phantom

by Craig Abrahamson on August 14, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 34 Comments

This was a bagged kit (no instructions/decals) and something I wanted to get outta the way before starting on the two Z-M F-4’s I’ve yet to begin. I didn’t spend a lotta time in detailing and I did absolutely NO […]

1/48 BF110G-2 Revell Monogram.

by Dan DeSilva on August 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 15 Comments

I had this kit in my stash for some time. I bought a Cutting Edge engine correction set for it, and didn’t think about building it until I saw the release of the Eduard BF110G-2 kit. The boxing I bought […]

1/72 Junkers Ju-87 D-5 Stuka

by Kitti Tatsumaki on August 14, 2017 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

Hello guys…I guess I forgot how to World War II already. I am glad I’ve finished this Stuka. Italeri 1/72 Ju-87 D-5 OOB, nothing much to say as it’s an OOB, dragging for like 1 month, being too over lazy […]

Atlantis (ex-Aurora) “Classic Plastic” TWA DC-9, 72nd scale

by Marvin Reyes on August 13, 2017 · in Aviation — 27 Comments

This is one that I just completed; it’s the Atlantis Models DC-9-15 (or thereabouts). This kit appears to be a re-issue of an ancient kit, which I believe was originally Aurora. In any event, the kit is very basic, and […]

1/720 USS Ronald Reagan

by John Healy on August 12, 2017 · in Ships — 21 Comments

This is the Italeri kit in 1/720 scale. I haven’t had much time to model this summer, but did manage to build this over the last two months. My local hobby shop owner asked me to build it for a […]

What to build next ?

by neil foster on August 12, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 68 Comments

This guys is my entire stash, all of it, that’s the lot ,I know some guys who have literally hundreds of kits but not me ,as a rule I buy a kit I want to build and then I build […]

Local Tip & Run Fw 190 Casualty – August 1942

by Paul Nash on August 12, 2017 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

As Operation Barbarossa continued to decimate both Russian and German forces on the Eastern Front, the bulk of the Luftwaffe forces that had been ranged against Britain during 1940 had been thrown into the meat grinder that typified the conflict […]