Idea for a new group build with Aircraft, Armor, Automobiles and what have you: “Year of the Cat”…

by Louis Gardner on May 13, 2017 · in News — 69 Comments

We have our Midway Group Build that is scheduled to finish around the 75th anniversary of the battle, which ran from June 3rd through the 7th. We have made provisions that allow for projects to be posted after the deadline, […]

Lightning in June

by David leigh-smith on May 13, 2017 · in Aviation — 34 Comments

We have all been there. A model just fights and fights every inch of the way and sometimes just seems to say, “you aren’t really much good at this hobby, why not try golf, or knitting? Something less… skillful”. This […]

Me-109 in 6 variants

by Giannopoulos Ioannis on May 13, 2017 · in Aviation — 8 Comments

Hi, After being lazy for one year or so, I decided to start building a part of my collection from my favorite Me-109. I have some 18 kits from various firms. The first 6 you can see below, are the […]

Fw-190D-9 Tamiya

by Dionyssis Vakalas on May 13, 2017 · in Aviation — 13 Comments

Hi everyone ! This is my latest completion , the old but excellent tamiya kit . This was my first riveting effort ( about 10 years ago ) and for that i used a needle and not a riveting tool. […]

The unusual

by jim wasley on May 12, 2017 · in Aviation — 20 Comments

There has been some talk about something different on some of my feed backs well this fits the bill,its a 1/32 bf109,a friend gave me the kit sometime back and I I mostly build aircraft in 1/72.I saw something like […]

Workshop, one more

Though there is an extremely promising article from Christian to read, I’m first following in George’s footsteps and here comes my workshop. It’s much smaller (things are always bigger in America). I do all the painting on the work desk, […]

Additions to my Workshop

by George Johnson on May 12, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 17 Comments

I uploaded a few pictures of my workshop a couple of years ago and have made a few additions to it since then. I’ve added an air conditioning unit, a Paasche paint booth, LED Lighting, and an Espresso machine.

F-104G Belgian Starfighter “all open”

by Christian WERY on May 12, 2017 · in Aviation — 42 Comments

Eduard (Hasegawa) 1/48. Here (finally!) the F-104G Natofighter Eduard 1/48 that I was happy to receive here (as “awards of the month” winner) 19 months ago (October 2015). I used almost all the available detailing sets (except the radome) : […]

iModeler April Awards

by Editor on May 12, 2017 · in News — 20 Comments

With 91 new articles prompting an average 500 views and 15 comments apiece, April was another prolific month at iModeler. Continuing our tradition, here is the announcement of our monthly winners – the models and articles that we think have […]

Friday Briefing

by Rob Pollock on May 12, 2017 · in Photo Collections — 14 Comments