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Mirage 2000N 1/48

hi, it’s my last Mirage 2000, type “N” , 1/48 Heller reboxed by Eduard with photo etches parts and resin for cockpit…new decals also ! I choose to build “Red flag” version… thanks olivier


Hi All, Here is one of my 1/72 Hobby Boss quick builds this time it the FW190-Dora, This time i thought i would try something a little different so i posed it just as its taken off and the undercarriage […]

A very serious book recommendation

As someone now recognized myself as a military historian, it’s easy to say that the military historian who has been my greatest influence is Sir Max Hastings. In case you missed his book released in Europe as “All Hell Let […]

A very limited edition kit

Hi everyone, if you’d like to see a different kind of kit then have a look at this link from BBC news Hope you find this interesting!

Monogram 1/48 F-101B VooDoo

I really gotta stop this stuff and get started on my D-Day build! I finally got around to building (and actually finishing) Monogram’s F-101B! Now I like the Phantom, and the Demon is interesting to look at, but I think […]

P47D-RE25 Brazilian Air Force (Italy 1944) ACADEMY 1/72

Hi there! It’s me again! This time with a P47D painted in Brazilian colours during WWII in Italy 1944. The Brazilian 1st Squadron was attached to the American 350th Fighter Group and was based in Tarquinia, Italy. This model was […]

BF110C-4/B AIRFIX 1/72

Hi there! My idea was to represent the plane of the photo during the Barbarossa Operation – Eastern Front 1941. The Airfix new tooling kit was a good surprise for me, and to be honest I’m addicted to them now! […]

USS Texas BB-35

For all you naval freaks out there – the battleship USS Texas (BB-35) celebrated her 100th anniversary yesterday. She’s a grand old ship, and well worth the visit if you happen to be in the Houston area:

Meng Char 2C 1/35

This is the Meng kit, I can’t say enough about the engineering of the kit, it’s the best I’ve ever encountered. I haven’t weathered or decalled it yet, (weathering will be ‘severe’, the upper run tracks make a real mess, […]

Vampire T11 Airfix 1/72

Airfix’s Little Gem, This is a really neat little kit no vices at all, the only thing that is a little odd is one of the joint/panel lines on the underside is slightly wide and there’s not a lot you […]