Trumpeter 1/48 Attacker

by neil foster on March 6, 2013 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

To get back to my two main interests ie anything Israeli and post war fleet air arm here is my rendition of the Supermarine Attacker from Trumpeter.Two problems with this kit , the first being the canopy which should have […]

Back to the beginning…..

by neil foster on March 6, 2013 · in Aviation — 11 Comments

Sometime around 1971 when I would have been around 6 years old I was given as a present the Airfix 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant kit, I can actualy remember building, it probably in about an hour and when it was […]

Trumpeter Sukhoi su-25 / czech

by Henrik Stormer on March 6, 2013 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

I’m a very sloooow modeller, so it took me a year (exactly) to complete this big bird. I really enjoy 32 scale models, but where the heck does one place them when they are done??? Anyways, the model was a […]

F-105 Thunderchief

by Craig Abrahamson on March 5, 2013 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

This 48th scale Monogram kit has been sittin’ around collectin’ dust for a while now, but I gave her a quick bath to get the top layer off and took a few pics on the bench with a homemade tarmac […]

Hasegawa 1:32 Scale, Curtiss P-40N “Warhawk”

by Frederick J Seitz III on March 5, 2013 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

I can’t speak for all of us on here, but there is just something about the Curtiss P-40 that just make it one of my favorite aircraft. Does not matter which type, or which scheme, it just is what it […]

Tamiya/Italeri/Academy Spitfire XIVc in 1/48th scale

by Tony Prince on March 5, 2013 · in Aviation — 6 Comments

Since I belong to the NTAA Club (never throw anything away), I decided to kitbash a Spitfire XIVc a couple of years ago. There are bits of around 5 or 6 different kits in this model which amazingly all fitted […]

1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109F-4B

by Brian Riedel on March 5, 2013 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

Howdy, I built this almost out of the box a few years ago. I added etched seatbelts, decals from MSAP for a Me-109F4-B of Frank Liesendahl of JG 2. The ETC 500 bomb rack and bomb are from a Hobbycraft […]

The one that go me HOOKED!

by jeff stewart on March 4, 2013 · in Armor — 1 Comment

Hello my name is Jeff Stewart and I am a PLASTIHOLIC! This was my first model, well since i was a tot. Was watchin the Military channel all day about 3 yrs ago, that same day I was walkin around […]

It will never fly…….. Koppos Favorite # 2….

by Bill Koppos on March 4, 2013 · in Armor — 8 Comments

I always have been interested in the North African campaigns, WW2. The vehicles involved just hit me, and the way they get covered in their environment makes fun modeling. A tank I’ve always wanted in kit form came out last […]

And now a floaty thing…

by Stan Traas on March 4, 2013 · in Ships — 11 Comments

… My first effort at 1/35 ships, the Trumpeter Z-25 Zerstorer (hmmm… Bf 110s… a floaty destroyer… seems to be a theme developing) ;). Anyway, here it is. Used the excellent Master brass gun barrels, chiseled off the molded anchor […]