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F-80C Shooting Star in 1/32 Czech Model.

I am very fortunate to have a well trained son who shares my interest in model aircraft, to the extent that he buys me a kit from time to time for my birthdays. This one’s from two years ago. Like […]

1/72 Matchbox Dornier 28D Skyservant

Another unusual looking aircraft. I got to see one at an airshow quite awhile ago. It was civilian, white, and “for sale”. I was impressed with the white paint job, and had to duplicate it. Since then I’ve seen this […]

Creative Displays Montage

My first post of this nature was so well received, that I thought I’d share some final shots with you all. Again, these were taken at local, regional and even national shows. Matter of fact, if I recall, that Bronco […]

1/72 Heller Mirage

This was another club project, to be done anyway we wanted. I went to and went through Mirages for something that would be fun, Here you go…….

Display methods…(added pics)

I have been contemplating new ways to display some of my builds in an innovative and creative manner. These photos are from various venues, including the Nats and local shows. I was struck by their “free-thinking” approach to their entries […]

1/72 Hasegawa Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull

This was a simple, little kit, that comes complete with a stand. It’s a colorful addition, and looks nice next to the Airfix Duck, The SOC-3 served aboard battleships and cruisers, and was catapult launched. The wings folded back for […]

Area 51–Secret files revealed from the 1950’s!

After you view these photos erase them from your computer…and, if questioned, swear you’ve never seen them before….I’ll see if I can locate the flying disc pictures, if so I’ll post them..but you didn’t hear this from me.

Hobby Craft 1/48th Avia S-199

The Avia S-199 was the offspring of the famous Bf 109 and played a pivotal role in the Jewish War of Independence that resulted in the new state of Israel in the late 1940’s. This model represents an Avia S-199 […]

Airfix HMS Prince

This was my wife, Carol’s, first model. I asked if she’d be interested in building anything, and she asked if they made sailing ships. She thought they looked neat. I was at a contest with my buddies, when I came […]

And after a period of no production for moving… DD441 continues

So back in full swing on my Wilkes project and thought I would post an update, starting to add PE and all the little parts, I am especially happy with how my dual 40mm tubs turned out, scratchbuilt them from […]