Eduard 1/48 I-16 type 29, pilot- Lt. P.Kharitonov, summer 1941

by Maxim Bylkin on January 13, 2013 · in Aviation — 16 Comments

But freshly baked model, fresh from the oven :). Model I-16 in view of the company Eduard is probably not needed, all it knows. I added a some cabin equipment and replaced the vacuum canopy. Forehead etched hood, from the […]

Vickers Crossley armored car

by Bill Koppos on January 12, 2013 · in Armor — 8 Comments

Hello, for my first article I present the Pit Road Vickers Crossely 1/35 scale armored car. Acquired from Hobby Link Japan just before Christmas this was a nice easy build. All the parts were well fitting and parts count low, […]

Arrival of a “Major Award!”

A wonderful surprise on getting home Friday. My understanding wife met me at the door with a big smile, “Your ‘major award’ was delivered!” Not wasting the chance for the season appropriate, ‘A Christmas Story’ reference, I immediately opened the […]

D.520 AMS Relief Project

by Victor R. Russell JR on January 12, 2013 · in Aviation — 7 Comments

This D.520 was a build with 2 other guys, each building our own, for relief from AMS from our current projects that had us a bit frustrated. So we decided to build the Tamiya 1/48 D.520 out of the box […]

VFA-14 Super Hornet

by John Healy on January 12, 2013 · in Aviation — 1 Comment

This is a 1/48 Revell F/A-18E kit that I completed in November of 2012. I finished it with Humbrol enamels and CAM decals. The model depicts the CO’s plane when detached to USS Ronald Reagan during her maiden journey from […]

Mitsubishi A6M5 “ATAIU”

by James Kelley on January 12, 2013 · in Aviation — 2 Comments

Technical Air Intelligence Units (TAIU) were joint Allied military intelligence units formed during World War II to recover Japanese aircraft to obtain data regarding their technical and tactical capabilities. The first such unit, known later as Technical Air Intelligence Unit–South […]

The 2F.1 “Sea Camel” – the first carrier strike aircraft

by Tom Cleaver on January 12, 2013 · in Aviation — 1 Comment

Ever since the fall of 1914,Zeppelins had been used by the German Navy for reconnaissance over the strategic North Sea, and had participated in both Dogger Bank and Jutland, the major naval surface actions of the war in that region. […]

Eduard Camel #2: – Donald MacLaren

by Tom Cleaver on January 11, 2013 · in Aviation

While there were many aces who flew the Camel, most of them – such as fellow Canadian aces Raymond Collishaw or William Barker – had flown other aircraft and scored with them earlier in their careers. The top-scoring Camel pilot […]

Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Camels – Billy Barker

by Tom Cleaver on January 11, 2013 · in Aviation — 1 Comment

To my mind, the Eduard 1/48 Camel is the best kit of this important airplane available. I haven’t seen it available in recent years, but those who are interested in obtaining a kit might drop me a line because I […]

Turkish 40′s Fighters

by Ozkan Turker on January 11, 2013 · in Aviation — 2 Comments

Here some Turkish fighters were in service during WWII. I was always interested in WWII fighters and when I discovered many famous fighters had in service under star and crescent, I found myself in plastic model world starting late 80’s. […]