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And now for something a little different…

And I do mean little! A friend in Japan sent me these a few years ago. They are Bandai kits in 1/100 scale, and yes, I had to assemble them, though they did come prepainted. I can't even begin to imagine the power of the magnifier the guy who[...]

Eduard’s Phantom seats

These things just about did me in, my old eyes did not like all the tiny parts. They are not 100% accurate when comparing them to the pictures on the ejection site, and I am not sure if they are early or late MB Mk7s or a combination, but they [...]

Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 3)

Here are the last few photos I'm posting from the Nationals. Once again, apologies in advance for any duplications across the three postings. as it was updated with additional images after the original posting. By the way, the blue 'Bugatti-[...]

Me-262A-1a schwalbe 1:48 Tamiya, aires…

Hi Guys, I want to share my next model, famous messerschmit jet engine fighter Me 262 Schwalbe. I used tamiya kit, aires detail set (engine,cockpit,control surfaces....) and photoetched parts by eduard. I also scratched all of service covers and[...]

Another story, and another old model airplane

While rummaging around in the attic a few months ago, I came across a small box tucked into the corner of a larger box filled with stuff from our old house back home. On it, in my dad's script, was written, "1st place model airplane, October 19[...]

11 November

This day in history: 11 November 1944 In the summer of 1942, on his 21st birthday, Alfred Theodore Graham, Jr., a small-town newspaper reporter from Jacksonville, New York, enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After training as an aerial gunner and radio[...]

UPDATED Scale Model World Telford 2013 (Pt 2 )

A further selection of photos now included, after I cropped them a little to reduce file sizes for upload. Cheers!

Scale Model World Telford 2013

I've attached a fairly random selection from the 50th annversary weekend. With the number of clubs (chapters) and SIGs, taking a (conservative) average of 50 models per group together with the competition area display, I estimate there were upwa[...]

Let’s see if a good story makes this boring dark blue airplane interesting

If a good story can make a "boring dark blue airplane" interesting, as commenters said about Bruce Porter's airplane, here's a rip-roarer of a story. This is the F6F-5 Hellcat flown by my friend former ENS Clarence "Spike" Borley of VF-15. O[...]

Good idea, Tom, for the USMC’s birthday…

what better representative than the defenders of Wake Island. An epic defense if there ever was one, Wake's Marines were the only ones to successfully repel an island invasion. A big part was the fierce attacks of the island's few F4F Wildcats. [...]