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Hasagawa F6F-3 Flown by Alexander Vraciu

When I was aboard Bon Homme Richard, Alexander Vraciu was the Commander of VF-51 flying FJ-2 Fury’s. Years later I had the occasion to meet him again and have lunch with him. I gave him this model which he said […]

Monogram’s 48th Scale F-106

One of Monogram’s nicest kits. This is OOB, painted with Model Master Aircraft Grey. I penciled in the panel lines to help break up all that grey paint. This is another of my favorite Century Series Fighters.

1/72 Airfix Supermarine Walrus

Nice little kit, with fictitious paint job, possibly of that era, that I just had to do.

Hasegawa 1/32nd Me-109/Bf-109

These kits practically “fall together”….they’re a joy to build and (for some), they never get old. As with the majority of my builds, they represent no actual aircraft (as far as I know), but at least they ‘look the part’, […]

1/48 Revell Sikorski H-19

Here’s the ancient 1/48 Revell Sikorski H-19 rescue helicopter that I built many years ago. The overall shape of the kit looks very accurate compared to photos I’ve seen, but detail is basic or completely lacking in most areas. Fit […]

An Oldie But Goodie 48th Scale Panther Jet

The Panther Jet has always been one of my favorite ever since I built the Monogram Speedy-Built kit back in the day. Just like the cars in the fifties, these jet where just plain down-right beautiful.

Monogram F8F Bearcat

this was an out of box build Glenveiw air guard fun quick build great airplane

iModeler July Awards

It’s high time to announce our iModeler awards for July. These were selected by the editorial jury among the exactly one hundred new articles added during the month, which prompted a total of 835 readers’ comments. As usual, we’re awarding […]

1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck

This one is modeled after Kermit Week’s Duck, at “Fantasy of Flight”, a little south of Orlando, Florida. Oddly enough, the decals were from an old Esci sheet, including the noseart. For a bi-plane (and an Airfix), it was a […]

1/48th Oscar

This was my first attempt at the all-to-common “paint chipping” effect as seen on many Japanese aircraft of WWII. I didn’t want to go ‘overboard’ (as I’ve seen on many builds). I first sprayed the airframe with metallic silver and […]