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Planes of Fame A6M5a Zero Model 52

Forgot I had these shots, taken way back in 1999. The PoF Zero is the only original Zero left in the world, with a Sakae engine, the airframe was never torn down. This was one of about 14 that were captured on Saipan and returned to the US. I[...]

1/144th Glencoe Martin M-130 China Clipper

This is an old kit of a facinating subject, the China Clipper. The Martin Clippers (China/Hawaii/Phillipine) operated from the mid-thirties to the mid-forties, spending a couple years in war camoflage. Decals are provided for all three version[...]

Hasegawa 1/48th Kawasaki Ki-61 Hein Tony IJAF,PTO,WWII, Part 1 WIP

Due to an unplanned move I have been away from y'all for way to long. Missed quite a few builds along the way. But now that things are slowly getting back to a routine. The workshop is still being set up so I can get back to building bu[...]

1/32 Academy F-16CG Limited Edition

Hey guys, just finished my Academy 1/32nd F-16CG limited edition kit, absolutely brilliant kit with great detail, went together like a dream ! i also made a base at school with the actual picture of the plane laser cut into the wood, i used t[...]

Need some STEEL around here…..Sausage and waffles…

STURMGESHUTZ!!!!! II that is, type G late production, Saukopf (Pig's head) mantlet, with "Waffle" Zimmerit. This is Dragon's new kit with the Zimm molded right on the surfaces, for lazy folks like me who could not get it right. I did this model [...]

“Princess Elizabeth” at Chino 2010

Ran across these shots of "Princess Elizabeth" at Chino back in 2010. This airplane was returned to The Fighter Collection this year and has been seen at the Duxford Flying Legends show. This "P-51B" really isn't one. Originally, Pete Regina [...]

A-36A at Chino in 2010

This is the A-36A owned by Tom Friedkin, after it was restored for flight by Fighter Rebuilders in 2010. The airplane is now painted like the A-36A from the 86th FBG with the mission marks all over the fuselage, one of the decal options in the [...]


Yet another old build dusted off and presented for your dining and dancing pleasure. This time an old Revell (?) 48th scale Heinkel bomber. Don't see a lot of these kits built anymore for some reason. It would appear that my somewhat sloppy te[...]

Zoukei Mura, 1:32 , Kyushu J7W1 Shinden

My latest build. Learned a lot of new words, mainly swearing en cursing, during this build because it was a bloody PITA!!!! The engine doesn't fit properly in the frame, nor does the parts for the cowling and guns. Did a lot of sanding, putty-i[...]

1/48 ESCI North American FJ-2/3 Fury

I had this one sitting around for centuries, before I decided to build it. My Fury stash had to start somewhere, so I chose the oldest one first. Most people, it seems, did not like the ESCI version. I don't know how accurate or inaccurate i[...]