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Revell (?) 1/32 Stuka

The smaller 48th Stuka I just posted seemed to be among your 'favorites', so I thought I'd dust off this old build and share some additional Stuka pics with everyone. I'm not even sure which version this particular JU-87 is, but it DOES have a bomb.

Last Hawk 75: Finnish “Sussu” – 1/32 SH kit

The Special Hobby 1/32 Finnish Hawk 75. Known to the Finns as the "Sussu," this was done as the airplane flown by Kyosti Karhila, the top-scoring Finnish Hawk 75 ace (13.5 victories). Right after I finished it I discovered this was a later pai[...]

Hawk 75A-4 “Mohawk IV” RAF, Special Hobby 1/32

This is the Special Hobby Hawk 75A-4 "Mohawk IV" kit. The French Air Force, in addition to ordering the Pratty & Whitney-powered Hawk 75A-1/2/3, also ordered the Hawk 75A-4, which differed by being powered by a Wright GR-1820 Cyclone 9 en[...]

Monogram 1/48 JU-87-G1 Stuka

This is another one of my "old" (circa 1968) Monogram kits recently acquired. This was a pretty straightforward build with not a lotta 'extra' pieces/parts included. It's strictly the tank buster version with the two 37mm gun pods being the only[...]

Work in Progress: 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109G6-AS

Here is my new project. This is Messerschmitt Bf-109G6-AS in 1/32 scale. You can follow the construction history from Work in Progress section. Happy[...]

P-47D Flown by Lt. L.W.Thompson, 510th FS / 405th FG, 9th AF

This aircraft was with the 510th FS/ 405th FG. The 405th transferred to RAF Christchurch, England in March of 1944. After D-Day the 405th went to France and operated out of there until Wars end. The 405th had many P-47's dressed out in very colo[...]

1/48 Premiere Hawk T Mk 1A Made into A T-45 Goshawk

This is the latest kit I have finished. It is a Premeire Ti Hawk which was converted into the T-45 Goshawk retro scheme. To begin with this is a very poor kit the fuselage was breaking apart as I tried to put it together. Some of the mods to th[...]

1/48 Hasegawa Dassault Breguet Falcon-10

This may be considered a "what if", or a figment of my imagination. The USCG only flew the HU-25, a bigger brother of the 10, to my knowledge. I thought the scheme attractive, but didn't care to go through the extensive conversion, so here is[...]

Azur (Special Hobby) Armee de i’Air Hawk 75A-3

This is the Special Hobby Hawk 75A-3 as released by Azur with French markings. The Azur offering differs from the SH kit in having resin parts for the cockpit that did not really give greater detail and in fact fit worse than the SH plastic par[...]

Pretty green and mean

After a twenty year absence from Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Kawasaki returned in 2002, after four years' development they started to have some consistent results in 2006 with this machine, the ZX-RR, with riders S. Nakano from Japan and Frenc[...]