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IPMS/Wings, Wheels & Keels Venice Florida 2013 show

Ok , here you go some photos from the show on April 6 , 2013 . The show was very good and pack with a lot of vendors , my son was able to take an 1st place on junior […]

Tamiya 1/35 scale Walker Bulldog

This tank didn’t take long to build at all. I built this one pretty much OOTB. The only thing I changed was the muzzle. I hacked off the original muzzle, and placed the spare on instead. The spare muzzle came […]

Tamiya 1/35th PBR

Manufactured by a Seattle-based company called Modutec, it was specifically designed as a Patrol Boat, River (Pibber) for the armed forces during the Vietnam conflict. Powered by two V-6 engines and propelled via “water-jet”, it used only 2 feet of […]

F-15E Tmota scheme in 1/48 scale

This my Revell 1/48 scale F-15E with Two bobs decals , the model is OOB, i only add the engine covers using a piece of a material who i forgot now but it was easy to cut and shape with […]

My Models

hello everyone again , i am posting a picture of each model i will do an article , the way i build is always setting the complete model (glue everything strait and level) and then painted , only cockpit and […]


This is one of the few Axis aircraft I have built. I’m not much of a historian, I just build what’s in front of me, so if anyone can fill in the blanks jump in. It is a 1/72nd Revell […]

F-14B Tomcat Grim Reaper low viz 1/48 scale

Hello Again , This is my F-14B tomcat from hasegawa in 48 scale , this model was on venice show last year (2012) and got 1st place , the kit has the following into it , aires interior and seat […]

Inspiration for the next build

I had originally decided to build my Academy Phantom as a 1972 Sundowners bird, but then I ran across this picture. VF 84 USS Independence, 1965. It was Indy and 84s only Vietnam war cruise. Markings for the period were […]

March Random Winner

Thanks to the person with the magic fingers who pulled my name from the hat. This is the Eduard Fw190D11 1/48th Weekend Edition. It is a well molded kit with decals & stencils for one aircraft. As per the Weekend […]

“Mary Nell”… P-51D…1st Lt. William A. Taylor POW…Italy

hasegawa 1/48…eagle strike 48092…