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tamiya 1/16

1/48 Academy / Daco Spitfire FR.XIVe

This is 1/48 Spitfire FR.14e finished with the markings NH 915 / EB – H of Lt. Derek Rake No 41 sqn B118 Celle – Germany during spring 1945. The base kit is from Academy. It was very hard to […]

1/48 Tamiya P47D Razorback “Smokepole” 19th FS / 318th FG

HI Everyone Tamiya P47D Razorback with – Superscale Decals 48-1099 Ultracast Seat Tamiya / Model Master / Alclad Paints Another personal favourite. Plenty more to come…. Thanks Darren

1/48 Tamiya P47D Razorback “Bouncin Bette” 318th FG Saipan 1944

Hi Everyone Tamiya P47D Thundercals Decals (Excellent decals 10/10) Ultracast Seat & Wheels Tamiya/Model Master/Alclad Paints Another personal favourite, although I should have weathered this one a lot more. Next time… Thanks Darren

Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-2

Trumpeter basically scaled up the Accurate Miniatures Dauntlesses (good idea) with some additional detail (but not much other than surface detail and engine and accessory section). The Dauntless has raised rivets on the surface, but the model looks OK with […]

Hasagawa P-40E Build Log

My build log of Hasagawa’s P-40E is now posted in the Groups Section, Works in Progress Page. Here’s a teaser and feel free to ask any questions as I’m positive I’ve left some details out.

1/35 stuart and sherman

the stuart is the afv club. sherman is the testors limited edition, you know the one in the huge box!

1/35 us halftrack m2a1 dragon smartkit

great kit. lotta fun.

1/35 jagdpanzer IV

this was the testors limited edition kit. when i first opened the huge box i was really thrown off by the dark green brittle looking sprues . it built up into a rather decent looking example, with just a little […]

ТОКО 1:72 Nieuport 11 Bebe

Nieuport pilot 22th corps detachment AG Mikhailova, summer 1918. At the time of construction of the model was the information that the aircraft is painted with aluminum paint. But now it turned out that he was a natural linen color.