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Ted Taylor RIP

I just heard this morning that UK “modelling legend” Ted Taylor passed away yesterday of the crime of growing old enough to do so. (We’re all headed toward that “guilty” verdict) I only knew him the way I know most […]

Geneseo Air Show!

Wow it has been a long time since I’ve posted on here, but I do like to poke my head in every so often 🙂 Recently I’ve been working on a p-61 (which I feel is coming along horrendous). Also […]

1/48 Hasegawa Desert Storm A-7E

As I love the F4U Corsair, I also love one other aircraft that carried the name- this one, Hasegawa’s 1/48 A-7E Corsair II built as a Desert Storm HARM launcher. I am flabbergasted at the lack of operational Desert Storm […]

VF(N)-101 F4U-2

This is the Tamiya 1/48 F4U-2 Corsair in VF(N)-101 markings. More recent research suggests the side color may not be black, but rather fresh Sea Blue over the Intermediate Blue, but as of five years ago, this is how the […]

F-4U-2(N) “Birdcage” Corsair

This is the last of three 1/48th scale Tamiya Corsairs that I purchased as a ‘lot’ on E-Bay some months back. I fashioned each one differently (as you can see by previous posts). This one may (or may not) be […]

Roden 1/48 Sopwith-Strutter 1 1/2 VVS RKKA

Hello everyone! Another airplane with red stars, this time from Roden Sopwith Strutter. The assembly of the box, nothing special, and the option selected “based on”. Of the shortcomings – too shiny hood, but it is only in the photographs. […]

Hasegawa 1/48 F-4B VMFA-122

Hi All, I am glad to finally finish this particular kit. It sat partially assembled for years with a Black Box cockpit, and decals ready to go. I added Seamless S*****s intakes, Cobra Co Exhausts, and used an Eduard F-4 […]

1/48 Testors Me-163 Komet

Also hiding in my cardboard box, was this old “Flea”. While I did beef up the interior, you can’t see anything because of the thick clear canopy. As usual, another trip down memory lane.

Firefly Mk.I 1/72 Восточный Экспресс (ex-FROG)

One of my old works. Modified the interior: the instruments, sight, replaced the second cockpit glazing, made lamp, rearview mirror. Wells made the wheel bays. Painted by Humbrol, Revell. Best regards, Vlad.

Lindberg Coastal Patrol Boat

nice, old kit, still available, and close to 1/72. Makes into a decent looking model OOB.