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Chino flight line

There weren’t just P-38s at the show yesterday. Among others not seen previously were a newly-restored P-51C in the markings of Duane Beeson’s “Boise Bee” (makes sense – the airplane lives at Boise and Beeson was from Boise), a P-63A […]

P-38s on the flight line at Chino

Five flying P-38s and one F-5G that will fly – the biggest collection of Lightnings in one place in many many years. For modelers, note the upper surface color of the P-38F “Glacier Girl.” That is early US Olive Drab, […]

5 P-38s flying at Chino yesterday

Fortunately I was at the show yesterday, with the nice clear skies and the 85F temps (even if it did get breezy enough in the afternoon I thought we were going to be blown off the announcer’s stand along with […]

iModeler Review: Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk IXc late version

The new 1/48th scale Eduard Spitfire Mk IX has been out for a few weeks by now and a number of reviews and quick builds have already surfaced around the web. The consensus seem to be that this is a […]

Tamiya 1/48 P-51D Mustang “Katydid”

Tamiya P-51D straight from the box except the Aeromaster Decals. This one depicts “Katydid”,Piloted by Lt. Col. Elwyn Righetti, 338thFS and CO of 55th FG. Col Righetti was shot down and survived the crash but was killed by civillians. The […]

SAAB J35 Draken Hasegawa 1/48

New month, new models! The Saab 35 Draken was a Swedish fighter aircraft manufactured by Saab between 1955 and 1974. The distinctive design incoporate a “double-delta” configuration, with one delta wing within another large delta. The inner wing has an […]

Chino Air Show This Weekend!

Just a reminder: 5 of the 6 flyable P-38s in the world are all out at Chino as of today and will be flying this weekend. Gate opens at 0800, and you can get on the ramp until 1000 for […]

iModeler April awards

With 121 new articles and 721 comments, April was another prolific month at iModeler. Continuing our tradition, here is the announcement of our monthly winners – the models and articles that we think have especially contributed to making iModeler an […]

Homemade display stand

I made this display stand from a letter opener (80 cents at a second-hand store) , a Basswood base (79 cents at Pat Catan’s), some cut and stick automobile rear view replacement cardboard mirror (Walmart for about $7.00), gloss Black […]

Do 335s: It’s A Small World After All:

After seeing Walt’s 335 photo posts, I thought to myself “you know I’ve seen that model before”. Well, after some detective work (going through my completely unorganized model/air show photos folder) I found the incriminating photos! It seems that Walt […]