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Building a midget racer

Building the Midget from Revell By Jack Mugan I have always had a soft spot for the midget race cars ever since I was a kid. Seeing them roar around the dirt tracks, the drivers fighting the wheel, rear ends hanging out and dirt flying every[...]

1/24 Trumpeter Fw-190D-9

Recently there appears to be a lot of interest in this kit, which first appeared in 2004, with lots of commentary about its problems, with several afttermarket gurus coming to the rescue with lots of high-priced resin. Back in 2004, there was n[...]

The Admiral’s “Hack”

I wanted to do something a little different than most other Revell Venturas I've been seeing, so I thought "outside the box", as it were, and came up with this: not really a "civilianized" Ventura, although all armament has been removed, but mor[...]

1/48 F/A-18C

This is a Revellogram kit built straight from the box. It was painted with Humbrol enamels and the kit decals for a VFA-113 USS Independence 1990 cruise (Desert Shield) example were used. This is the 3rd example of this kit I've built over [...]

1/32 F-84e

Hobby Boss kit built OOB. Zots decals.

Zero from Zuikaku….

Just finished, Hasegawa's venerable 1/48 Zero A6M2. This is the newest boxing, Zero "Super Ace" that features a resin figure, of Testuzo Iwamoto, supposedly the 2nd highest scorer of the IJN. This guy flew from China to War's end. 3 planes he fl[...]


Built this one about ten or so years ago. As always, I started out with the intention of a quick build but the next thing you know, it just got away from me. The trailer is an old Italeri piece that had been sitting in a spares box since the 1[...]

Today in Stockholm, part 6

More examples of some exquisite mud, dirt, grime and rusty metal seen today at the armor tables of the 08-Open contest in Stockholm.

Today in Stockholm, part 5

Continuing our coverage of the weekend's modeling venue Stockholm, here are some highlights from the armor categories...

Hasegawa 1/32 Scale Bf 109 G-4 Trop

Hello All, This is my first post on iModeler. I've been on an "Axis Kick" as of late-I’ve got 7 different 1/32nd scale models going right now: Bf 109 E-4/7, G-2, K-4, FW 190 A-4, D-9 Ki-84, Ki-61 (Yes I suffer from Modeling ADHD!). Since I enj[...]