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Attack of the 109s Pt. 7: The Avia S-199 1/32 conversion of Hasegawa kit

The Czechs called it “Melec” (the mule), the Israelis called it the “Shakeen,” (knife). It was nearly the last of the line. As bad a fighter as it might have been, its arrival in Israel changed history. Here’s an account […]

Attack of the 109s, Pt. 6 1/32 Bf-109G-6

The Hasegawa Bf-109G-6 “kannonen boot”, with Eagle Cals decals to do Heinrich Bartels’ airplane from late 1943, flown in the eastern Mediterranean. Among the pilots assigned to IV Gruppe when it was activated in Greece in May 1943 was Feldwebel […]

Attack of the 109s, Pt. 5: 1/32 Hasegawa BNf-109G-12

Here’s the only kit of the 1/32 Bf-109G-12. Back in 2006, my good friend the late Dave Thompson, retired President of the Erie, PA Hell’s Angels, all around nice guy, and lifelong modeler (you should have seen his scratchbuilt 1/32 […]

109 G-14 A/S Hasegawa 1/72

Keeping with the 109 flurry, here’s my very old ‘one of a kind’ model. It’s the Hasegawa 109 G-14, but modified to the last variant, the A/S (asymetrical) with the DB 605 engine. The changed cowling bulge was sculpted out […]

Me-109/Bf-109 (various)

Although I cannot offer any definitive background on the builds, I can contribute to the “theme”. These are generally all older completions and I had a habit (bad, good or otherwise) of snapping a few photos after each kit was […]

Tamiya 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3

Having admired some hundreds of spectacular models here at iModeler, I feel compelled to provide some sort of evidence that Yours Truly also builds some models on his own — well at least occasionally. This is Tamiya’s Messerschmitt Bf 109E […]

Camouflage and Markings of the Messerschmitt Me 109

A reprint from my editorial archives is this camouflage feature by Mr Rick Kent, originally posted at the pages of IPMS Stockholm – Ed. I believe some readers will raise their eyebrows seeing that I have captioned the most popular […]

“The One-shot Lighter” Mitsubishi G4M Betty

“The One-shot Lighter” is a one of the name given by Allied pilots for Mitsubishi G4M Betty because of their tendency to explode or catch on fire from any slight damage to the wing fuel tanks after being hit . […]

1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109G4 Trop

A small addition to the “Attack of 109’s” .This is 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf-109 G4 in the markings of “Black 1 “ from JG 53 in Sicily .This machine was flown by Oblt. Franz Schiess in 1943. The cockpit modified […]

Attack of the 109s, Pt. 4: Hannes Trautloft (Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109F-2)

The Hasegawa limited-run Bf-109F-2 (released as Galland Bf-109F-2Z), with Eagle Cals decals to do Hannes Trautloft’s Bf-109F-2. I love the many varied unofficial camouflage schemes applied to JG 54 109s and 190s. To me, the Bf-109F is the best of […]