Hasegawa 1/48 RAAF P-40E-1 Kittyhawk I

by Tom Cleaver on July 1, 2017 · in Aviation — 10 Comments

The P-40E-1 was produced for service with the RAF under Lend-Lease, where it was known as the Kittyhawk. The aircraft served primarily in the Middle East and Far East, where it was the first fighter equipment for the RAAF. As […]

P-47D Thunderbolt

by IAN JACKSON on June 30, 2017 · in Aviation — 21 Comments

An impulse build after the 1:48 Airfix Spitfire from a month or so ago. Five weeks from cracking the box to what you see here – and yes I know I haven’t painted the sway braces on the pylons and […]

RAF Fortress III Detail Photos

by Alan Price on June 30, 2017 · in Aviation — 17 Comments

Following on from last week’s post on my RAF Fortress III, I said that when the new issue of AMW was out I’d post some detail photos. Well the new issue is out tomorrow so here are the photos as […]

RC painting project (WIP)

by Phil Steele on June 30, 2017 · in Aviation — 6 Comments

Applied the first coat of Tennessee Red on three RC planes this morning. The new spray gun worked great !! I’ll post more pictures when they’re completed.

Friday Briefing

by Rob Pollock on June 30, 2017 · in Photo Collections — 27 Comments

1/35 Russian 2K12 Kub SA-6 “Gainful”

by Kitti Tatsumaki on June 29, 2017 · in Armor — 11 Comments

Trumpeter 1/35th scale SAM-6 A.A.Missiles, it’s actually Russian made 2K12 “Kub” SA-6 vehicle-launch SAM. Accidentally learned about a camouflage pattern which I never knew – the Камуфлированный Летный Маскировочный Комбинезон or KLMK. It was developed in the 1960s by the […]

1/72 RCAF CF-188 Hornet “Canada 150″

by Kitti Tatsumaki on June 29, 2017 · in Aviation — 16 Comments

Royal Canadian Air Force’s 2017 “Canada 150” CF-18 Demonstration Hornet. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) unveiled the CF-18 Demonstration Jet for its 2017 season on 4th April 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. I love building special […]

1/72 JASDF 303rd TSF F-15J Eagle “60th Anniversary”

by Kitti Tatsumaki on June 29, 2017 · in Aviation — 9 Comments

Hello, F-15J of JASDF 303rd TSF “60th Anniversary”, September 2014 Komatsu Air Base. JASDF Decals from Dxm Decals, the kit was Hasegawa 1/72nd F-15J 00792. A very simple OOB, no PE no modification, the paint I use are Mr.Hobby paints, […]

1/72 Russian Navy Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D “Red 80”

by Kitti Tatsumaki on June 29, 2017 · in Aviation — 11 Comments

Su-33 Flanker D of 2nd Fighter Squadron AE, 279th Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment KIAP, RNS Admiral Kuznetsov, 2016. Trumpeter 1/72nd Scale. Enhanced with DreamModel PE parts, including cockpit and fuselage detailing PE, also nozzle PE. Those PE are great and […]

1/72 F-14D Super Tomcat VF-2

by Kitti Tatsumaki on June 29, 2017 · in Aviation — 8 Comments

Hello, this is one of my F-14 build – F-14D Super Tomcat VF-2 Bounty Hunter, BuAerNo.163894 NE100 CAG, USS Constellation CV-64, 2003. 1/72nd scale Hobbyboss, OOB. The aircraft carrier deck diorama is be based on a 27.7cm x 18cm chopping […]