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Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper 1/12th scale Scratchbuilt

Shand Mason Steam Driven Water Pumper. Made from the drawings by Edgar.T.Westbury to 1/12th scale For those that like to make things that are based on ‘death and destruction’, then this is NOT for you, this model is based on the exact opposite[...]

Custom Republic Marine Star Wars clone trooper

Where to start with this build? Bandai 1/12 Star Wars Clone Trooper. Started off trying to do something unique with the paint scheme did some research and my goodness there are tons of different variations people have come up with! It’s almost i[...]

1/12 Sand Trooper

Was really hesitant to post this guy, haven’t seen that much sci-fi stuff (remember I’m new!) But hopefully it has a place here on the site (if not please let me know) This is a Bandai 1/12 Sandtrooper, the weathering was done from my experience[...]

1/12th scale Country Storekeepers Waggon – Scratchbuilt

Country Storekeepers Wagon Here’s a 1/12th scale scratchbuilt model of a Country Storekeepers Waggon. It has been made from the OLD original working drawings, that were first published in ‘The Coachbuilder and Wheelwright”, July 1908, drawn b[...]

Making Scale Model Wooden Spoked Wheels

Here's just one way that I can make Wooden Spoked Wheels. I start with the drawing/s of the model I want to make, I scale the drawings to the exact scale I'm going to make the model, this way I only have to take direct measurements from any of t[...]

1/12th scale Omnibus 16 Passenger

I started this model from an OLD original working drawing by J.E.Bishop, printed in “The Australasian Coachbuilder and Saddler” published in October 1896. I saw a couple of these vehicles on TV in an old short movie clip about Brisbane, Qld. I [...]

1/12 M-3 Stuart

Hi, all modeller! I've done light tank model M-3 Stuart. It took 3months and built from all wood. Yes, Scratch building !!!

Bandai 1/12 Kylo Ren

This was a fun build. Bandai have kept trying new ways to do capes. Ren's is a soft flexible material that holds really good surface detail. I sprayed it black. Bandai kits are coloured right out of the box but they look a lot better if you pain[...]

Hover Bike

More anti-gravity vehicle.

RHV ( Recon Hover Vehicle)

This is a recon vehicle for a wasteland type scenario. Being imaginative here. :) Anyhow, this is my 7th anti-gravity vehicle. I will be working on my 8th one very soon. I know. I am in a anti-gravity type mood. Hope you all like this version [...]