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An-26 1/72 from Amodel

July 22, 2016 in Aviation

Hello, dear modelers!
I bear on your court the work. An-26 – Russian military transport aircraft. Scale 1/72 (Amodel). Objective was to construct ‘ done some flying ‘ a board with traces of operation. But without fanaticism. It has turned out or not – to judge to you.

Completions has lead the following:
– replaced some of the antennas and sensors
– the lights on the wing tips made of a transparent resin
– antenna – nylon thread
– for the first time for me on this model I tried to do rejected handlebars height, direction and ailerons. An attempt to simulate a left turn of the aircraft
– added antistatic from the line d of 0.01 mm.
– light bulb rear white lamp – transparent plastic
– because the military plane, made front lights according to their locations (blue and white). They are made by drilling holes, painting color silver reflector, and fill with epoxy
– the clamps on the exhaust pipe in the nacelle is made of self-adhesive foil windshield wipers – black beading wire
– tubing on the landing gear – tin wire, d 0.3 mm. Clamps for it too foil.
– technicals all homemade

Primer – Tamiya, after preshading.
The main colour was mixed by numerous photos paint Mr.color, metallic – AK Interactive and Tamiya. Pneumatics painted with Revell paint No. 9. The allocation of the joint, make a mixture of feri+water+gouache. Has clarified slightly and the labels with white paint using a dry brush. Soiled soft black pencil, worn on a cotton swab.

Enjoy watching!

An-26 A-model 1/72

April 17, 2014 in Aviation

Big kit of a big airplane. I received a kit from friend, built already. I dissasembled it and cleaned it of old paint, then reassembled and added few details. Painted with automotive paints in a new Serbian AF livery, decals again from Lift Here.