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Tamiya 1/48 G4M-1 Betty Bomber

by George Tufnail on January 10, 2016 in Aviation -- 7 Comments

I built this just cause I could. Finish is Commercial Aluminum overall, with MM enamel IJN Green and Brown for topside colours. The chipping is a fortuitous accident from removal of the masking tape. Kit is OOB with the exception […]

1/48 Tamiya G4M-1 Betty

by Andrew Frill on December 13, 2014 in Aviation -- 18 Comments

Tamiya kit done completely out of the box. Used Montex masks to paint all the markings and painted the starboard flap in camo to suggest that it was replaced with another from a broken down airframe. Finished in MM enamels […]

Hasegawa 1/72, Mitsubishi G4M2 Betty

by Milan Vukovic on April 26, 2014 in Aviation -- 9 Comments

Real icon of WWII, Betty was a long time on my list of must-do Japanese a/c. As she’s big plane, I always opted for some smaller subjects, to be able to finish them more quickly. When I started building it, […]

Tamiya Mitsubishi Betty bomber

by steven a weinmann on May 27, 2013 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

As always Tamiya is awesome this kit is smooooooth and fun love the detail and fit Built oob no need for AM parts

Tamiya 1:48, Mitsubishi Isshirikko type 11 G4M1 “Betty”

by Ulrich Schütt on March 13, 2013 in Aviation -- 7 Comments

This one I’ve build a couple of years ago. Tamiya did a very great job on this one! It was a nice plane to build. Bought the Eduard mask for the canopy, blisters and tailgun parts but it was a […]

“The One-shot Lighter” Mitsubishi G4M Betty

by Ozkan Turker on January 22, 2013 in Aviation -- 5 Comments

“The One-shot Lighter” is a one of the name given by Allied pilots for Mitsubishi G4M Betty because of their tendency to explode or catch on fire from any slight damage to the wing fuel tanks after being hit . […]