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F-100 D Super Sabre (Trumpeter, Eduard, 1:48)

Hello friends, this is one of my older builds from 2014…I like the Sabre very much, also the colorful markings on those old birds. It must have been like riding a bullett when flying with it – can only imagine […]

Just finished, F-100D Super Sabre

Fresh off the bench is my latest, the North American F-100D Super Sabre, a Trumpeter 1/48 scale kit. I didn’t start out to build models of jets, but this my 3rd one now, so I guess they are pretty fun […]

The Hun is Done

This is the Trumpeter F-100D in 1/72 scale. Completed model number six for the year. I started this one in March completing about 85% of the model when a few problems with kit frustrated me to the point of putting […]

F-107A (What If)

My rendition of the Trumpeter F-107 as a fighter / interceptor. The drop tanks and missiles are from an ESCI F-100 kit. The paint is Krylon silver.

Trumpeter’s F-100C Super Sabre in 1/48.

this is the Trumpeter F-100C kit which I built some 3 years ago. I had absolutely no trouble with it apart from a little bit of fettling around the air intake. Finish is Alclad & decals by Xtra Decals. The […]

F-100 D Super Sabre

This is Monogram’s classic Super Sabre in 1/48 scale. It is typical 70’s and 80’s Monogram with raised panel detail and good detail ie. open gun bay ammo chute, open speed brake and raised cockpit details. This model represents an […]

Italeri F-100F Wild Weasel 1/72

My dad flew the 100, 101, 105 and F-4, and said the 100 was his favorite plane to fly. I plan to build a bare metal model similar to his, but before I did, wanted to practice a bit on […]

F-105, F-101 & F-100 NMF’s

More of some older Monogram 1/48th scale “Century Series” NMF’s….this time a trifecta. Rescued (and, in some cases, repaired) from the “shelf of dust”. I was on a tear with my rattle cans of Model Master “Buffable Metalizer’s” a while […]

Fokker F-100 Deutsche BA/ 1/144,Revell

The time has come when the dust swept under “vitrinas” from the kit (thankfully minimal). I take my time and some models foto and some of them will be published here in . ?? The model is made 16 years […]

1/48 Trumpeter F-100C TuAF – Expanded Version

This is 1/48 Trumpeter F-100C finished with Turkish Air Force markings Built process existing in work on progress section . Trumpeter kit needs correction on the nose.So I used AMS resin set to correct the shape of the nose. Cockpit […]

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